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Tha Joker Biography

Last updated: 11/22/2010 11:00:00 AM

Mississippi has something to say and 21 year-old Kosciusko, Mississippi native and hip hop phenomenon, Tha Joker, is speaking loud and clear.

With an undeniable following in markets such as Toronto, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Nashville, Mississippi, Detroit, The Carolinas, and Georgia, just to name a few, in three short years, the young emcee has easily become one of urban music’s biggest unsigned acts. He’s been featured on tracks with Soulja Boy, Mike Jones, Roscoe Dash (“I Ain’t Going”), and Gucci Mane (“Aqua Water”). He has over 12.5 million listens on MySpace, over 35,000 followers on Twitter; an average of 15,000 downloads per month on iTunes, and his YouTube views clock in at over 70,000,000.

Tha Joker has managed to capture his massive fan base with hard hitting, original production, witty lyricism and a grass-roots campaign matched by none. Often tapping his life experiences of living in poverty and disenfranchisement for inspiration, Tha Joker uses music as a way to cope with the harsh realities of his surroundings and it is his authentic flow and point-of-view which has built his loyal following throughout the South and Midwest.

Rapping since the age of 14, Tha Joker first started recording music with local home-town producers. A year later in 2006, he teamed up with J.R. McKee of Family Ties Entertainment/ Buvision Def Jam and producer Leland “Big Fruit” Clopton, who were instantly impressed by his raw talent while rapping on freestyle. And by the age of 16, he received his GED, dropped out of High School and decided to pursue his music career full time. The rest is history.

Four mixtapes later, 2009’s “We Do It For Fun” being the most downloaded independently released mixtapes on, Tha Joker is ready to take his rightful place amongst music’s NEXT UP. When asked what the future holds, he says, “With the strong business foundation that my team has created, I feel like we can’t lose. My crew has always focused on entrepreneurship and with every small battle, victory grows bigger. I’m going for the Pie in the Sky and I’m not scared to roll up my sleeves to make the DOE!”