Tha Dogg Pound Albums

  • Dogg Chit Album (3/27/2007)
    Get Out of My Way
    I'll Bury Ya
    Mo Murder
    Can't Get Enough
    Dat Ain't My Baby
    Thiz Gangsta Chit Iz Ourz
    1 N 1 Out
    Where U From
    Throw Ya Hood Up
    It'z a Good Azz Day
    Pull Ya Drawz Down

  • Cali Iz Active Album (6/27/2006)
    Cali Iz Active
    Kushn N' Puschn
    Sittin' On 23z
    Stop Lyin'
    It's Craccin' All Night
    Slow Your Role
    Keepin' It Gangsta
    Hard On A Hoe
    It's All Hood
    Faknass Hoes
    Don't Sweat It
    Make Dat Pussy Pop
    Thrown Up Da 'C'
    Face 2 Face
    She Likes Dat

  • 2002 Album (7/31/2001)
    Intro (2002)
    Roll Wit Us
    Just Doggin
    Gangsta Rap
    10 Til Midnight
    Living tha Gangsta Life
    Don't Stop
    Change the Game [Remix]
    Crip Wit Up
    What Cha About
    Your Gyrlfriend 2
    Feels Good
    Way Too Often
    It'z All About That Money
    Every Single Day

  • Dillinger & Young Gotti Album (5/1/2001)
    Intro (Dillinger & Young Gotti)
    Dipp Wit Me
    We Livin Gangsta Like
    We About to Get Fucc Up
    Gitta Strippin
    Work Dat P_ssy
    Party at My House
    You're Jus a B.I.T.C.H.
    Treat Her Like a Lady
    At Night
    Best Run
    Sh_t Happenz
    My Heart Don't Pump No Tear
    There's Someway Out
    Here We Are/Go Killem
    I'ma Gangsta
    How Many?
    C-Walkin Cha Cha Cha
    Dillinger & Young Gotti (Outro)

  • Dogg Food Album (10/31/1995)

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