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Radney Foster Texas in 1880 Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2003 10:26:56 PM

I can hear the wind whisper my name
Tellin’ me it’s time to head out again
My horses are trailered and the lights are shutdown
I’m long overdue for headin’ outta town
Gotta fever that they call the rodeo
Just enough winners and make the next show
Sometimes you make eight sometimes you hit dirt
Go on pin another number to the back of my shirt…


And I’ll ride that pony fast
Like a cowboy from the past
Be young and wild and free
Like Texas in 1880
Just like Texas in 1880

Awe, from Phoenix to Tulsa to the Astro Dome
From New York City down to San Antone
There’s boys that are ridin’ for legendary fameAnd our money’s all gone but they still ride the same
Our hearts are getting’ broken

And our heads are getting’ busted
We’ll always believe in the things that we trusted
They’ll be those nights when glory comes round
And we’ll tip our hats and wave to the crowd…

(repeat chorus)
Someday when you’re older someone’ll see
That buckle hangin’ there on your belt
Askin’ just how it felt…

(repeat chorus)