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Tevin Campbell Biography

Last updated: 01/11/2014 06:29:24 AM

Birth date: November 12, 1976
Birthplace: Waxahachie, TX

Before Tevin Campbell busted on to the scene with "Tomorrow" in 1989 he was an "average" little boy with a talent. He was born in Texas by Rhonda Byrd and grew up with brother Damorio and sister March?. In the church choir Tevin developed his vocal talents. In 1988 he sang for Bobbi Humphrey over the phone and that brought him to the legendary Quincy Jones. In 1989 he recorded the single "Tomorrow" on Jones' Back on the Block album. He stared being compared to supreme vocalist such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and other R&B sensations. He eventually caught the eye of Prince who game him his second hit from the Graffiti Bridge Soundtrack, Round and Round. He made a little cameo in Graffiti Bridge movie singing the song, but even though Tevin had a role on the pilot "Wally and The Valentines" he wasn't headed for the big screen he was heading towards the studio.

By 1991 he started recording T.E.V.I.N his debut album. Co-writing some of the tracks he worked with Al B. Sure, Narada Michael Walden, Prince, Kyle West, and Producer Quincy Jones. This album got rave reviews and put him on the charts with "Tell me what you want me to do", "Just ask me to", and "Goodbye". He even did some more acting on the "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" playing Ashley's( Tatiana Ali) date.

In 1993 Tevin did what came naturally, he recorded his sophomore album. I'm Ready provided Tevin with a permanent spot as a solid R&B sensation and not just a one hit wonder. Again working with legendary artists and producers like Prince, Quincy Jones, Narada Michael Walden and this time Babyface and Daryl Simmons. Tevin himself even co-wrote again. But Teivn didn't let stardom go to his head, he took some time off to be a teenager and experience life, crediting his mom and family for keeping his head level.

So what does a teenage two time platinum a award wining super star do, finish highschool. Tevin started his 3rd album with the hottest producers to today. Babyface, Puff Daddy, and the Boom Brothers all contributed to make a breakthrough album. The songs really utilize Tevins versatile voice. A mix of ballads and funky beats gives this album the cutting edge sound . Almost three years after I'm ready. I know we were all ready for the drop of Back to the world. Released in 1996 it gave Tevin a new look. Tevins twist was a new fashion statement for him but eventually returned to his o'natural hair still. This time Mr. Campbell took a shot at Executive Producing along with Michael Stradford and as in the last to albums co-wrote some of the tracks.

Tevin's new album "Tevin Campbell" has been in stores since February 23,1999. Working with songwriters like Wyclef Jean and Narada Michael Walden we really hear the range of his talent. Acting as an executive producer on this album with Quincy Jones, Jay Brown and Stevie J. Tevin delivers his much awaiting fans the album they deserve. We can not wait to see him on tour!