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Durag Dynasty Tetrahydrons On Mars Lyrics

Last updated: 08/02/2013 07:16:06 AM

(Verse - Chae Infinite)
Lay down a bed of roses for dead soldiers
Paranoid orders for retribution and observers
Lead to more murders, death at us with dirty burners
Clockin them corners, speakin slang so they can’t decode us
Notice potent aromas, smoking that serious B plant
This ain’t a rhyme, I’m at the stars when you hear me rap
Master of aplephoras, night of the non-sequeters
Somehow you understand the point no matter how complex it is
It’s all freedom, this expressive behemoth
Is tuned with mathematics, I’m walkin through tetrahydrons on Mars
When aligned with alchemy in these bars
Come against the Durag Dynasty, you'd rather catch SARS
From my arab with niggas replacing plug in every nut of mine
We do it bigger but niggas is seldom do it better
We camouflage the message in wreckage for understanding
The methods of that a genius, never of the devil’s planning

(Verse - Killer Ben)
I wrote this for my gold chain militants
All for half a tab of mescaline, murder instruments
Rep Dynasty at its fullest strength
Hoodied up, all and no cray, spittin' common sense
To get money’s obvious my accomplishments
The south central with a ill mental knowledge this
Osmosis, Nike Air, mini beans, many G’s fuckin with us, no skinny jeans
1-8-7 means, I could kill a man
Helicopter gwap, air em out like a ceiling fan
Kobe Bryant toll the tiers
Bitches getting wetter than the fire hydrant, pushin dope like wire
Vicious, this ain’t a movie I ain't acting fam
Tough as Tinactin, I blow a burner like it's Vietnam
Aggressive like Melly Mel in The Message
You wanna test it?
Don’t push me Pussyfoot, tip toein' cuz you shook
When you see the giants deep inside you scared of the streets
the gutta rap Goliath
The glom of a king is with ominous planning
Slow Murder Inc on the tablets, blowin sand I grant em
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