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My Truck Driver | Reviewer: Annette
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Tesla

My Man is On the road deviated truck driver and he made a cd for me because I have a hard time for the first few days after he leaves. This song is perfect and describes how we both feel. Doesn't help when I am battling thyroid cancer and he can't be here all the time. May God Bless all of you!!

Most Beautiful Song Ever | Reviewer: Melody Shaw
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Tesla

This song has the most beautiful, heart warming lyrics. My husband dedicated it to me and I swear each time I hear it, I get chills. This is my favorite song and I listen to it each morning and it gets me through my days with a smile ony face and a warmth inside that nothing and no one can take away!!!

heartbreaking | Reviewer: Paula Daggett
    ------ About the song PVT. Ledbetter performed by Tesla

When i first heard this song i loved the beat...i have to admit i did not listen to the words. I was on my way home from work nd i put my cd in and WOW, I was taken by suprise by my absolute breakdown. I had to pull over to contain my tears. I just want to say thank you. This was the first song that I've heard in years that was so from and to the heart ...

LEGEND | Reviewer: DJ Cardinal
    ------ About the song Song & Emotion performed by Tesla

Steve was one of the greatest guitar players in rock and was at his prime! Gman you said it best "sad story" and he is truly missed. Tesla is a wonderful band with a nice mix of music some calm some hard a little southern rock sound and all of it has soul! This song is one of thier greatest hits, it can make you sad happy angry and sad again with a tear in your eye. Music is a natural healer if we learn to use it for that purpose! Rock On!

Eric Trottier | Reviewer: Eric Viau
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Tesla

the lyrics make me feel of this special lass, named Isabelle. how with her i am in paradise and when she is gone how my life incomplete. she is all i want and all i need. i would give up on my studies for her. if only i could tell her how i feel about her maybe i would not be writing it on a web site other then telling her how i really feel about her..

to my lil lady who has my heart forever amber | Reviewer: ken
    ------ About the song What You Give performed by Tesla

this song realy touches deep in my heart of my lady she is so special and my one and only real love. a man has this once a life time one can only hope it last's forever.love ya forever amber.

The sad rock star | Reviewer: Gman
    ------ About the song Song & Emotion performed by Tesla

This is a great song but a sad story. Steaming Steve Clark is the man this one is about. The guitarist for Def Lepard that died of a broken heart. He was the sad rock star. I give it a 100 on the scale. It rocks and tells the story of a great and missed guitarist

Amazinggg!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Paradise performed by Tesla

My friend(the tard)couldnt think of the lyrics so wee needed to come online to find out the lyrics. She was being dumb and couldn't think of it. Now she can't get the song out of her headddddddd.

Jacobs Song | Reviewer: Jesse L.
    ------ About the song Love Song performed by Tesla

My 17 year old friend, of years, Zachary Jacob Birdwell, was an amazing person. I'm 16, I'm from Hartselle, Al. My name is Jesse Lawson. We loved this song sooo much. We listened to it everyday.. Jacob was killed August 17th in a car accident, the 3rd day of his senior year.. I listen to this song every single day in order to remember my friend.. He was an amazing young man.. Look up the R.I.P Jacob Birdwell page on facebook.. His mom needs every person she can get.. God Bless you

To the love of my life | Reviewer: Kerren
    ------ About the song What You Give performed by Tesla

Every time I here this song, it tells me that you are the only one that makes me happy and it isn't about what you got, it is what you give, and you give me everything and plus. I love you babe. This song is the shit.

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