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Terror 2000 Biography

Last updated: 04/30/2004 10:17:05 PM

Erik Thyselius: Percussive Destruction
Speed Strid: Vocals/Bass Guitar
Nick Sword: Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Klas Ideberg: Rhythm/Lead Guitar

TERROR 2000 PURE FUCKING THRASH ARMAGEDDON FROM SWEDEN! TERROR 2000 is the new pounding metal sensation from the Scandinavian area, featuring members of melodic death/thrash Gods SOILWORK (Nuclear Blast) & psycho killer-Thrashers DARKANE (War Music).

The band joined forces in March 1999 as Killing Machine but the existence of another Swedish band with the same moniker forced the four-pieces to change their name into TERROR 2000. ‘Slaughterhouse Supremacy’ is the title of their first devastating album, recorded at Underground Studios/Sweden (Carnal Forge, Necrodeath, Ebony Tears, Lost Souls…) and features one of the most powerful production ever done! Fast, aggressive and bone-crushing, TERROR 2000 sound is a perfect mix between Kreator, At The Gates, Judas Priest & 80’s Bay-Area Thrash!

This real lesson violence is getting the fanatic enthusiasm of the whole-international metal scene and is collecting tons of great reviews in the most important metal mags everywhere (Rock Hard, Hammer, Metal Heart, Metallian, Metal Invader, Metal Hammer, Metal Shock, Scream, Flash, Grind Zone just to name a few!!!!). The great succees of this album is confirmed by the Japanese release through Soundholic/Tokuma and the extensive promotion in the Japanese area through major mags and radio stations. The band is now ready to play live… So watch out for their first tour!