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ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Terrible Lyrics

Last updated: 05/02/2007 11:00:00 AM

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Motha Fucka! Your Dont Know Shit Do Ya?
You Wouldnt Know Shit If It Whipped It Through Your Ugly Bitch Ass Face
You Aint Even Begun To Experience Drama Motha fucka!

Your mamma, your motha fuckin
Big fat chicken faced assed mamma
Don't even know about this drama, MOTHA FUCKA!

Oh my god look at that, turn it up please
Poor Nancy Kerrigan's sweet little knees
Somebody took her black thing and went thump
Thats terrible he heard about it for months
What about that one nobody guy
That they found, dead in the grass
With his dick in his, ass
Unless there was more
But you won't recall cuz Micheal Jackson just got
Squeezed up on some little kids balls
What you consider DRAMA, it ain't all that
It's just that your whack
With Intergalactic satellite data compress
YES but we can't feed the homeless
And then OJ's big story unfolded
Everybody watched that while Okalahoma exploded
900 good reasons why this world really don't care
Thats what it costs for a wheel chair!!

Terrible, What ya know about terrible
Terrible, you don't know what's terrible (2x)
(is she so terrible you gotta beat her you bitch ass whack motha fucka?)

Lordy Lordy we got a protest that
Some rock and roll ninja bit the head off a bat
Let's march in his concert and chant him to hell
Cuz he's so fuckin TERRIBLE!
Mean while his record sells double and triple
Cuz of YOU writing bout him rubbin his nipple
Religious? Shit, you helped them bands
Instead of helpin them poor people
Eatin outta them garbage cans
When your done with that bitch come protest me
Shiiiiit motha fucka I could use the money
The whole world was cryin when Kurt went KA-BANG!
When Eazy-E died though it wasn't no thang
Rapper dies of aids but you hardly mention it
Rocker blows his face off and becomes a legend
Heroin and a shot gun and a hero was made
Maybe I should do that shit so J can get paid

Terrible, What ya know about terrible
Terrible, you don't know what's terrible (2x)
(Are your kids so terrible you gotta beat on them too, you drunk motha fucka)

Rebel flag, in your schools
Rebel flag, in your parks
Rebel flag, in your court rooms
Rebel flag, in your hearts
Rebel flag, stood for slavery
Rebel flag, stood for war
Rebel flag, stood for hatred
But just go ahead and hang your flag up some more
Don't worry about my Goddamn flag boy
Whats terrible is you damn rappers cursin

The country we live in was built by slaves
Beat dowm and murdered and stuffed in they graves
You put a slave owner on a 1 dollar bill
And you wanna know why I kill people!!!!

Bombs are blowin up cops are corrupt
And all ya care about is who the president fucked!
You don't know terrible, but you will
As soon as our wagons come over the HILL!

Terrible, What ya know about terrible
Terrible, you don't know what's terrible (2x)

You don't even know what the fuck
Is in store for that bitch ass of yours
Let me get a look at that bitch ass of yours
There it is it looks like a bitches ass
You bitch ass motha fucka!!!!

Terrible, What ya know about terrible
Terrible, you don't know what's terrible (repeat)

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