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Following the footsteps of such bands as Project Pitchfork,
Dive and The Klinik this young band from Berlin has already
gained a lot of success in their hometown, but soon
hopefully all around the world. Their melodic and
minimalistic dancetracks will soon seduce people in clubs
as well as on stage. Adding a raw and powerfull vocals they
have build a fresh and unique package of industrialdance

Terminal Choice was only formed in october 1993, but since
the year and a half they managed to release 5 tapes which
got extremely More...

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Submit Terminal Choice New Lyrics

Review about Terminal Choice songs
Lord of darkness | Reviewer: Deadeye
    ------ About the song Flesh In Chains performed by Terminal Choice

now this song is to good, becuse for the video i did. this song fit so good with it, all the way to the end. the nightmare of pleasure, and pain was the good part for it and also Sweet torture
Sweet pain. this song was so dark and also it was a good fit for it.
i have to say that this is pure darkness!

XxX | Reviewer: DBE
    ------ About the song Universe Of Love performed by Terminal Choice

It´s the simply fact that I´m sure these other listeners could never understand Chris´ point in this song. Many people that have been listening to his music for some years now understands what Chris sings and writes about. This song, "Universe of Love" is just the complete best from his older work!

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