Tenacious D Lyrics

Tenacious D is a series of short comedy films on HBO,
featuring the talents of Kyle Gass and Jack Black. It's the
story of a two man band and it's struggle to make it big.
Jack and Kyle sing of their past experiences in a
nightclub, every open mike night. The series has just
started, so if it does well, there will probably be a long
period without new episodes, in order to film the new ones.
I would think that if it is popular enough, it could move
from ten minutes or so to a full half hour, which was
probably the original idea. More...

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Review about Tenacious D songs
I agree with most of the things that Ali said | Reviewer: jeganK
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

I do agree with most of what Ali said but I believe it can be easily 'the best song in the world' or the best that I have heard anyway.and that means they carry on with music and I think I speak for a lot of peeps when I say long live the D!!

i love you jack black you rock my boyfriend jack black my heart | Reviewer: samantha murray
    ------ About the song Jack Black Let's Get It On performed by Tenacious D

hi jack black my name is samantha ahsley murray i am singer
tenacious d my band each other we friends long time ago we kid
i need help me and need you jack black my dream came true
i love you jack black you are my boyfriend i like you jack black
and i am gled you here thank you for concert for caming in
miami florda samantha shean rj mom john one day tenacious D
agian concert stand look stage up we need taik to you jack black

My thoughts of the song | Reviewer: Adrian Ganter
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

This song is a masterpeice.
I don't know if Jack Black and Kyle Gass were trying to put a message behind this song. I think they wanted to write a kick ass song and Jack and Kyle being fantastic composers and producers of music they came up with this.
This song has been played in the same key as Stairway To Heaven. Even in their earlier version of this song they had the intro to stairway to heaven in the middle section of the song. But that does not make it bad in any way. They have their own huge element in there that makes this song so great.

This is a tribute, a memorial, to the greatest song in the world that they played for the devil on a long and lonesome road.

Obviously they didnt come upon the devil and actually come up with the greatest song in the world. But i consider this song to be one of the greatest songs in the world. It is catchy, original and Jack's voice is ultimate perfection. If the devil were to actually show up and they played that song, the devil would give them the horns and not destroy them with his devilish beam of death.

Re: TheBritishRockeress | Reviewer: Darren
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

"Tribute is the best song ever!" - actually Tribute is not the greatest song in the world, unfortunately Jack and Kyle couldn't remember the greatest song in the world, this is just a tribute.

As for comments about which song this song refers to, I think the idea of this song is supposed to be very similar to the song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", but the idea is that they played a magical song on that night that can be only played at a certain time, and it just so happened that was the right time just as satan appeared and asked them to play the greatest song in the world, but afterwards the magic was gone so they actually couldn't remember exactly what they'd played, the only thing they could do is write a tribute vaguely about what they remembered happened, and even at the end of the music video the old granny which is supposed to be satan takes the tribute CD, obviously so the world doesn't know what the greatest song is and can't use it to defeat satan.

Pull your head out your a$$. | Reviewer: Rey Meyer
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

This song has nothing to fu*%in' do with stairway to heaven, it's a fu%$in' awesome ass song.Like it, hate it, or go suck a fu%$in' d%&k. I just fu%&in learned this song on guitar, so you can't questin shit about what I say. I have all the fu%&in lyrics in my head b%$#hes. {All of you who agree with me thumbs up}

Song Meanings | Reviewer: Kessel Run Entertainment
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

Hey guys personally I don't think anyone's got it entirely right. First off, song meanings are always missinterpreted, and many artists prefur not to share the exact meaning of songs in order to allow listeners to form their own attachment & meanings.

But thats not the argument... back to that. Tribute is about the greatest song in the world, originally written by the D but no one will ever hear it but them & the Devil. Beezleboss is a prequel song intended to be "The Greatest Song in the World" but it in itself is also a tribute to the greatest song. & As far as Starway goes the D was making a nod to that song, giving acknowledgement to all the D's wisdom of the histories of ROCK!

Besides if we look closly to all the D material they change the context of jokes & songs for they're own means... i.e. In the original album Jack teaches Kage about cockpush-ups, but in the movie Kyle teaches Jack...

"Think about it man... only the D makes non-stop rocking possible!"

u mad bro? | Reviewer: life of liminality
    ------ About the song The Metal performed by Tenacious D

We're just supposed to enjoy the awesomeness of this song, and laugh about it. If you get mad at this song you've basically lost. Lost what? Oh ho ho ho ...you would have to ask wouldn't you.


And wow, Dave Grohl played the drums on this one, well that just proves my point.

Please Love Tenacious D! | Reviewer: TheBritishRockeress!?!?
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

I don't really care if any of you idiots don't like Tenacious D's song Tribute. I may only be 13 years old and a blonde, but i know one thing; Tribute is the best song ever! And if you are all soooooo frickin dumb NOT to relise that, you need to get glasses and a new pair of ears!

Jack and Kyle under pressure | Reviewer: becks
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

I agree with stie. Ok, it doesn't matter whats what really, this is a great song. Tenaciuos D are excellent at creating songs that actually take the piss out of Rock and sound as good as if not better than many Rock groups! It is of general opinion, including mine that this song is a tribute to 'Stairway to heaven'which is judged to be the greatest song in the World (it's just a matter of opinion). When they say they couldn't remember the greatest song in the World may simply refer to the fact that under pressure/fear (the beast had threatened to eat their souls)they simply forgot it therefore played the first thing that came into their heads (a tribute).

wow | Reviewer: Slybuscus
    ------ About the song Tribute performed by Tenacious D

may i say to the second replier that you have some bad grammar and tenacious D was not referring to every good song in the world, in my opinion rap music is bad and i personally like rock but if you are going to say that there referring to every good song in the world you can go fuck yourself your a little bitch who complains about this. Tenacious D were referring to there song that they sang on one faithful night. there the hero's of our past and future, not so come at me bro.

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