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Tenacious D Biography

Last updated: 06/29/2012 12:00:00 PM

Tenacious D is a series of short comedy films on HBO, featuring the talents of Kyle Gass and Jack Black. It's the story of a two man band and it's struggle to make it big. Jack and Kyle sing of their past experiences in a nightclub, every open mike night. The series has just started, so if it does well, there will probably be a long period without new episodes, in order to film the new ones. I would think that if it is popular enough, it could move from ten minutes or so to a full half hour, which was probably the original idea. Another thing I should note is that HBO is starting to air it without the help of Mr Show with Bob and David before it, this could mean they are experimenting with the ratings to see just how popular it is. Well anyway, I hope I got the point across that it is vital to watch these first shows, start more page, and give them a lot of support in order to see this show take off. The new shows air on Fridays, and reruns are at miscellaneous times during the week.

Oh yeah, it's rated TV-MA, so kids, don't watch it with your parents.