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Ten Second Epic Biography

Last updated: 06/08/2009 12:00:00 PM

Edmonton's Ten Second Epic has continued to persue what they love, making music and performing live

The band's most recent release 'One More for the Road' was recently repressed November 1st on Ethics Industries, and it already has started causing waves across North America with over 2500 in sales. This is no more evident then in their hometown where to commemorate the release of the CD, the band played on the release date to a maximum capacity crowd of over 2200 people at Red's in Edmonton. In addition to that, the band's most recent hometown shows have attracted attendances of 1600, 1400, and 1800 respectively, dating from October 2003 - January 2005. That along with consistent large attendances all across Western Canada no doubt prove the band's growing fan base is striving.

Following the CD release show TSE hit the road to promote the release with a Spring Tour. While the entire tour was a success, the stand out highlights included touring the Southwest United States with Drive Thru Records band Hellogoodbye and shows with such acclaimed acts as Alexisonfire (Equal Vision), Silverstein (Victory), Emery (Tooth & Nail), and Hawthorne Heights (Victory). In July of 2004 the band made an appearance on the Vans Warped Tour, and furthermore are now confirmed to play multiple dates on the "Kevin Says" stage on the 2005 Vans Warped Tour. More recently the band has been featured on the Taste of Chaos Tour, which included such bands as The Used (Reprise Records) and My Chemical Romance (Vagrant). In between these great shows, Ten Second Epic has toured extensively throughout North America.

Ten Second Epic combines shades of rock, punk, and pop to underlie their sound; which is unique to say the least. Vue Magazine depicts their music as "tight, vocally-driven rock tunes tinged with punk influences and a healthy dose of catchy pop hooks" while the Edmonton Journal similarly describes it as "a furious mix of punk guitars, emotive vocals and propulsive rhythms that high school kids go bonkers for and could propel the band into the front ranks of Canadian rock stardom". Prior to the release of 'One More' the band's demo recordings dominated the rankings of music downloading sites, such as, where the track "Another Density" made several appearances in the Top 5 Canadian punk songs chart and was the top played song in 2003 from Edmonton before the site shut down.

Watch out for TSE this summer touring across Canada and preparing for what the group hopes to be an early 2006 full length release