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Ten After Two Biography

Last updated: 09/19/2011

Sean Wall - Vocals / Patrick Hennion - Guitar
Vincent Adorno - Drums / Josh Doty - Guitar
Danny Clark - Bass

Sacramento, CA based band Ten After Two formed in May of 2009. Friends from school drummer Vincent Adorno and guitarist Pat Hennion decided to start the band after recognizing each other’s incredible musical talent and style that seemingly fit together almost perfectly. When playing together it made them realize that this is something that they were willing to devote their lives to. Soon after the band gained vocalist and guitarist Josh Doty. Through Josh and his previous band Elanor Manor they met vocalist Sean Wall and the band soon came together producing music that seemed to flow incessantly. The final piece to the puzzle was when bassist Danny Clark joined the band. With the five of them working together they feel as if they can accomplish anything in hopes that the future is bright and that they can achieve the goals they set out to attain.