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Teitur, now 25, grew up in the Denmark Faroe Islands where
his passion for music developed. Eventually he left the
Faroe Islands and his musical talent strengthened even
more. When speaking of his first and current album, "Poetry
& Aeroplanes" Teitur says the following:

"I do consider this album an entity. When we were choosing
songs for the album, I saw that they were all traveling
songs, talking about intimacy. What people think, and
especially, what stops people--that really fascinates me:
how people seem to want something but More...

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Reviews about Teitur songs

I <3 this song!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song To Meet You performed by Teitur

My dance teacher started to play this song in class all the time but she could never rember his name. It took me forever to find it. But once I did I so got it. I love 2 more of his songs too.

pretty little thing | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song I Was Just Thinking performed by Teitur

The song is a pretty little thing to listen to. His lyrics are plain and understated, which for the most part is good. The song is a slow waltz, like many of his others, with simple guitar. You might wince at the line, "i think about long distance rates instead of kissing you babe," which seems a bit trivial but rings true (no pun intended) in this minute-counting day and age. However, his line, "Man I feel silly in this dim light just after doing you by the sight of my Kodak delight," may get a chuckle out of you.

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