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My Chemical Romance Teenagers Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 08:19:03 AM


They're gonna clean up your looks
With all the lies in the books
To make a citizen out of you
Because they sleep with a gun
And keep an eye on you, son
So they can watch all the things you do

Because the drugs never work
They're gonna give you a smirk
'Cause they got methods of keeping you clean
They're gonna rip up your heads
Your aspirations to shreds
Another cog in the murder machine

They said all
Teenagers scare
The living shit out of me
They could care less
As long as someone'll bleed
So darken your clothes
Or strike a violent pose
Maybe they'll leave you alone
But not me

The boys and girls in the clique
The awful names that they stick
You're never gonna fit in much, kid
But if you're troubled and hurt
What you got under your shirt
Will make them pay for the things that they did

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Length : 2:41
Recorded : 2006
Certification : Platinum
Format : CD, 7" vinyl, digital download
Genre : Alternative rock,[1] pop punk
Producer : Rob Cavallo, My Chemical Romance
Writer(s) : My Chemical Romance
Released : United Kingdom United States Canada July 9, 2007, Australia New Zealand August 31, 2007, Germany September 14, 2007
Label : Reprise

"Teenagers" is the fourth single and the eleventh track from My Chemical Romance's third studio album, The Black Parade. It is the third U.S. single from the album, but it is the fourth single released in the UK, the Philippines, Australia and Canada. This song is the band's eleventh overall single.

My Chemical Romance surprised many critics by the musical style of "Teenagers". It incorporates elements of pop rock, hard rock and 12 bar blues. This earned them mostly positive reviews from critics. A reviewer from NME Magazine wrote, "Some bands go out of their way to do a song with a sound they're never bound to do, then release it as a single. They usually fail. My Chemical Romance tried a substantially different sound for this song, and it paid off. The message is simple, the chorus is catchy and Ray Toro's solo joins the chorus and bridge together so smoothly." The song managed to grab 5 stars in both NME and as well as 4/5 from IMDb. From Wikipedia