Teenage Fanclub Albums

  • Shadows Album (6/1/2010)
    Sometimes I Don't Need To Believe In Anything
    Baby Lee
    The Fall
    Into The City
    Dark Clouds
    The Past
    Shock And Awe
    When I Still Have Thee
    Live With The Seasons
    Sweet Days Waiting
    The Back Of My Mind
    Today Never Ends

  • Man-Made Album (6/7/2005)
    It's All In My Mind
    Time Stops
    Slow Fade
    Only With You
    Fallen Leaves
    Born Under A Good Sign
    Don't Hide

  • Howdy! Album (11/21/2000)
    I Need Direction
    I Can't Find My Way Home
    Accidential Life
    Near You
    Dumb Dumb Dumb
    The Town And The City
    The Sun Shines From You
    Straight & Narrow
    Cul De Sac
    My Uptight Life
    If I Never See You Again

  • Songs From Northern Britain Album (7/29/1997)
    Start Again
    Ain't That Enough
    Can't Feel My Soul
    I Don't Want Control Of You
    It's A Bad World
    Take The Long Way Round
    I Don't Care
    Mount Everest
    Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From
    Speed Of Light

  • Grand Prix Album (7/3/1995)
  • Thirteen Album (11/9/1993)
  • Bandwagonesque Album (11/19/1991)
  • A Catholic Education Album (2/1/1990)

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