Teena Marie Albums

  • Beautiful Album (1/15/2013)
    Luv Letter
    Sweet Tooth
    Rare Breed
    Love Starved
    Definition of Down
    Maria Bonita (For My Mother)
    Beautiful (For Alia)
    The Long Play
    Carte Blanche
    Give Me Your Love
    Wild Horses
    The Perfect Feeling

  • Congo Square Album (6/9/2009)
    Can't Last A Day
    Baby I Love You
    Ear Candy 101
    Lover's Lane
    Marry Me
    You Baby
    Milk N' Honey
    Congo Square
    Harlem Blues
    Soldier Boy
    The Rose N' Thorn

  • Sapphire Album (5/9/2006)
    God Has Created
    Baby Whose Is It
    Ooh Wee
    Sleeping With The Enemy
    Love Is A Gangsta
    You Blow Me Away
    The Way You Love Me
    Resilient (Sapphire)

  • La Doña Album (5/11/2004)
    La Doña Intro
    I'm Still In Love
    Honey Call
    Baby I'm Your Fiend
    My Body's Hungry
    A Rose By Any Other Name
    Off The Chain
    Makavelli Never Lied
    Revelations 3:8 Introduction
    Recycle Hate To Love
    The Mackin' Game
    I Love Him Too
    I Got You
    Hit Me Where I Live
    High Yellow Girl
    Black Rain
    I'm On Fire

  • Passion Play Album (7/9/1994)
  • Ivory Album (7/17/1990)
  • Naked To The World Album (3/22/1988)
  • Emerald City Album (7/22/1986)
  • Starchild Album (11/11/1984)
  • Robbery Album (9/18/1983)
  • It Must Be Magic Album (5/14/1981)
  • Irons In The Fire Album (7/6/1980)
  • Lady T Album (2/14/1980)
  • Wild And Peaceful Album (3/31/1979)

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