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Every once in a while an authentic grassroots buzz is born at the fingertips of a vastly talented musician.? Using nothing but an undeniable charm and an unstoppable musical mind, Teddy Geiger has captivated a frenzy of fans worthy of the most mainstream artists.

One listen to Teddy's raspy voice and it's easy to see where this buzz comes from.? At 16, Teddy writes songs that wear the weathered heart of an artist whose insights go far beyond his years.? Teddy seasons his songs with the? cutting edge of new school pop and the musical sophistication of a soul informed by rock's glory days.? His voice is something he has made completely his own, reminiscent of the incomparable pipes of unique artists like John Mayer, Chris Martin and Dashboard Confessional, with a touch of Cat Stevens

With looks like he was just peeled off the set of "The O.C.," his deep blue eyes, offset by a shag of black hair, will pull you in with as much force as his lyrics.? Teddy writes of his friends: "We walked so slow / over ladders and through windows that let in the snow / that we have no reason to cut our time in half."

Teddy, a songwriting prodigy, is a self-taught musician who wrote and arranged complete compositions on guitar and piano by age eight.? Songs seem to pour from his head as instinctively as his grassroots fans (aka "Tedheads") pour into local venues to watch him perform.? Using his music as his only marketing tool, Teddy has managed to generate a self-made fan base that attracts both weak-kneed teenage girls and rabid music fans hungry for meaningful rock and roll.? After a gig packed with 500 plus at a Rochester concert spot, a fan wrote on one of the many Teddy Geiger internet message boards: "That was the highlight of my day, no my week, no my life.? I'm almost jealous of myself that I got to see him in person."

It was not a surprise that Teddy Geiger caught the attention of one of the music industry's most discerning ears for platinum sounds.? ??After a national performance as of the Finalist on VH1's "In Search of the New Partridge Family," producer Billy Mann--the industry's go-to guy for artists like Sting, Pink, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, and Kelly Rowland--became Teddy's champion.? Bill was so passionate about Teddy's talent that he jumped on board to secure Underage Thinking, Teddy Geiger's debut album, for release on Columbia Records.? Billy describes Teddy as, "A waterfall of talent who has natural blessings of - well - everything!? He is an amazing and prolific songwriter with a signature-sounding voice and point of view at only 16 that any artist would kill for.? I cannot wait to see how his career unfolds, and I know to bring the seatbelt!"

In a case of life imitating art, Teddy has been cast in a recurring role as a rising young pop star in "Love Monkey," an upcoming CBS television series, based on the novel by Kyle Smith.? "Love Monkey"--also starring Tom Cavanaugh, Jason Priestly, Larenz Tate, and Judy Greer--chronicles the dramatic and comedic misadventures of a 30-something record executive.

Teddy's humble presence shines both on and off the stage.? His incredible gifts exist in harmony with his genuine personality and photogenic good looks.? In a recent Rochester Battle of the Bands, Teddy emerged as the $1000 grand prize winner and donated his winnings to Tsunami relief.

It's Teddy Geiger's undeniable talent, coupled with a lovable charisma, that's propelling him to the forefront of today's musical scene as a highly-anticipated breakthrough career artists.? Keep your ears and eyes open for Teddy Geiger.

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Question about Teddy Geiger | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/09

I'm a big Teddy Geiger fan but there this thing that I still don't knoe about him and I like some help, does Teddy Geiger make the music 4 his songs?? I know hi wortw them and trust me that enoghth 4 me but I just wanted 2 know... plzzz answer!!!

He's amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/09

This guy is incredible. This is what happens to me when I go to youtube, I find attractive good male singers! I rarely call people attractive, but this guy is. And, to boot, he can sing amazingly. Such a calm, old-soul feeling. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

i love teddy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

though i havenot heard many songs sung by teddy .. buh man does hiss voice take my breath away .. the way he sings n the lyrics of his songs r just so uniqe .. i love u teddy .. keeping singing awesome songs .. my favortie "For You I Will"

Omg!! Teddy!!! | Reviewer: your biggest fan from ny! | 8/22/07

Teddy Geiger is sooooo cute!!! He music is amazing. Some of the songs(when I listen to them) makes me feel like I can relate to them. He is the best singer ever!!!! Most of my friends didn't know who he was until I said " Hey listen to this!" They didn't like it at first but now they do because I showed them more of his songs!! I have Teddy Geigers face on the back of my computer!!!!!!!! Teddy Geiger go to pittsburgh,pa please!!!

i lurv teddy geiger!!! | Reviewer: wanie | 7/8/07

ya....he is soo0 cute!!!i really like his song tat is for you i will and these waLLS...AND.... HE IS SO00oo C0OL!!!LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!

My view of Teddy | Reviewer: Taylor | 7/1/07

From reading the other reviews you might say that I was just another teenaged girl who is obsessed with Teddy. You're wrong! I'm only 12, but I know good music when I hear it.Half the people at my school either didn't know who Teddy was, or didn't like his music.I stood alone in the whole debate, but knew as long as I liked his music, who cares what other people think. I myself am a celebrity (in my town anyway).I think that that following his example encourages me to chase my dream of becoming a singer.It's good to have role models.Everything that the other reviewers have said about Teddy is true(yes he's hot and has a voice that makes my heart melt), but I am not like the other reviewers.Like I said before, even though I'm only 12, I know good music when I hear it. Teddy Geiger is (in my 12-year-old opinion) the greatest.So, as I remain in Cave Spring Georgia, I believe that following the example of Teddy Geiger will take a talented, small town girl a long way.

Teddy Geiger | Reviewer: Melina | 5/19/07

omg teddy geiger is thee best singer i hav ever heard of. he is soo awesome and FREAKING FINE. if u havnt heard him sing before, then go do it, DONT WAIT!! he sings soooo good and ull get lost into his music....OH AND INTO HIS EYES!!!! his eyes r soooo gorgous just like hime!! FOR YOU I WILL is one of the best songs he has so listen to i now!!! all the other guy singers be jelous of him cuz u no hes better then u. I LOVE TEDDY GEIGER!!!!!!!

thank you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

hello you may think that im just another girl trying to make you believe that im teddys girlfriend but i am really
teddy is so thankful that you guys love him so much he thanks you all for supporting him he doesnt know where he would be without you all
i want to say thank you to teddy means so much to me and its great to see him so happy and doing the thing he loves thank you all so much

wow | Reviewer: mandy | 5/6/07

teddy geiger is so hott.
and his songs are great!
I love them so muchh, i listen to for you will constantly!!

love | Reviewer: maddy | 5/6/07

teddy geiger is amazing, i am in love with his song for you i will.
it is just wonderful, and i love itt.

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