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Realizing one's own power can be a life-altering
experience. Just ask Tech N9ne. After almost 10 years in
the business, the heralded Kansas Citylyrical sniper, who
has recorded with everyone from 2Pac to Eminem, recognized
the impact his music had on fans while touring to support
"Anghellic," his critically acclaimed 2001 album.

This realization led Tech N9ne to call his new and most
mind-blowing collection to date "Absolute Power". "I found
out that I had 'Absolute Power' when I was doing shows for
'Anghellic,'" Tech N9ne explains. More...

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Review about Tech N9ne songs
Batta bat swing | Reviewer: Twisted
    ------ About the song Caribou Lou performed by Tech N9ne

Swing some over here. My 15 year old doesn't drink yet , but when he is old enough we will try this. Mean while we will listen to this awesome song. It is the best. Thanks Tech N9ne you make the ride to school fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

the truth | Reviewer: brandon
    ------ About the song Slacker performed by Tech N9ne

have you guys ever thought that this song isn't about being a slacker. its about the government and how it makes people slackers. i mean look at the lyrics. ya it talks about smoking pot. but if you loose your ego and look what it really says. you would feel stupid.
You say get a job, I say hit a knob
'cause the way you run the world is every bit of fraud
So what you ask of me? You get no tax from me
I got whites native and Mexican and blacks with me

who whats to get a job to help our country when we are fighting a battle that was over a long time ago. our government is messed up who wants to work for that. thats what tech is spiting about.

Fix lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Am I A Psycho performed by Tech N9ne

Hopsins verse says with the wicked records, but that honestly makes no sense te verse is supposed to go *with the wicked wreckage I contain I could probably jeopardize your name* if your not sure you should ask Hopsin himself. You can't just put lyrics of stuff that he doesn't say because you ruin the whole song.

Agreed | Reviewer: Jarred
    ------ About the song Red Nose performed by Tech N9ne

Agreed tech is amazing. He nails every single beat with his lyrics, he puts the perfect amount of syllables into the verses so it will flow through the beat. A few rappers are good at this. Like Em, 50, Dre, BIGGIE, Luda, and a select other few

"We Be Illuminati in this Thug Pit though" | Reviewer: Some Kid
    ------ About the song Thug Pit performed by Tech N9ne

mmmmm just wondering, pretty blatently obvious they are illuminati, just thought I would throw that out there, basically means that not only is the mainstream taken over, but now the underground as well.

tech is my nigguhh | Reviewer: Devin tech4life niguh
    ------ About the song Breathe performed by Tech N9ne

tech is fuckin insane.. he spits faster then any motherfucker out there. and you can acctually understnad this motherfuker when he raps fast. he has the most accurate toung out there. nigga go crazy with dat toung.. :p .. but no for real techs rhymes are the shit and no one compaires to this nigga.

Oh my god. | Reviewer: brandon
    ------ About the song Be Warned performed by Tech N9ne

this is one of the fastest raps i have listened to in a while...i mean hole shit tech you ripped that shit out the water and made it your is definitely a 5 star song and there's no doubt about that.

Suicide Letters | Reviewer: Trendy Saviola
    ------ About the song Suicide Letters performed by Tech N9ne though. And i've been depressed for so long and i still am...but truth is that this song didn't reach out to me. Maybe cos we different. What really comes to the mind of a depressed person is hate and all that. But what i see here is apologise. And if u really depressed u'll know Eminem is depressed too. Cos he reaches to me with his song. Its really sad how people don't care about how i feel expecially my fams. Big Up Tech9ne though.

uh | Reviewer: keepyomouthshutb
    ------ About the song Slacker performed by Tech N9ne

have you stopped criticizing to maybe think this was how he was BEFORE he was found and realized he can do something bigger and better then being a slacker! ? maybe the message is to NOT bw like this and go for your dreams! tech's REAL fans know him and what his music means. kids need to be TAUGHT about not doing the things they hear in songs. keep your mouth shut when you know nothing about what your speaking of. the black youth is doing it to themselves, with or without rap music. how about you criticize LIL WAYNE & WAKA FLOCKA FLAME instead of a man that's a true inspiration & isn't bullshit like most rap nowadays.

Candy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song T9X performed by Tech N9ne

I always do mdma cristals with speed. But now my questions is does speed fuck up the mdma trip? it gives me the feeling that the mdma trip lasts longer ;). and the day after i losted 8KG :P
But that will come on in that week again. eat alot of cheese :)

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