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Fury in the Slaughterhouse Tears and fears Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2001 07:30:27 PM

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My little girl sitts in her room
Locked for years and years
Her Mummy knits and watches TV
And she never dried her tears
Daddy drinks the whole night long
He's gotta work so hard
Well, he's beating his daughter black and blue
And the neighbours think he's smart

Well, in the land of tears and fears
In the land of tears and fears
Everybody blocks his ears
In the land of tears and fears

No one really matters
What happens in that song
And they close their eyes and close their ears
And they drink some more
My little girl sitts in her room
And she feels so alone
And no one takes her by the hands
You just froze your heart to stone

I don't care what my neighbour does
As long as he doesn't kill his cat
I stumble nights and try my tele
I stumble nights just out off my head
Well, at night some guys sleep
And some get bad

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