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Toto Tears Of My Own Shame Lyrics

Last updated: 07/10/2000 01:56:29 AM

Queen of Hearts and Sister Vanity. Took me by the hand to show me royalty. In this castle so many things to see. And all I could become, a knight wasted away. I said Ooh's not any thing you did to me. It's not what you made me feel I did to you. I cry, angry that I played the fool. For these are the tears of my own shame. Even just a page I never thought to read. And the writing on the wall became a tapestry. The blues I felt , the reds they blinded me. And all the greens only taught me jealousy. (REPEAT CHORUS) And I am not what I care to be. And she is not what I came to see. And like some Shakespearean tragedy. That in the end I have to question...finally. (REPEAT CHORUS)