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Megadeth Tears In A Vial Lyrics

Last updated: 02/14/2012 10:00:00 AM

This may seem all too confusing;
How I could walk away from something so rare.
But you see it got too demanding, yeah.
And I just didn't care, I just didn't care, if I cared, if I cared.

Lately, I've been left wanting, but not wanting you.
Attraction that once was is no longer there, ooh.
And it sucks to be taken for granted,
When the veil is drawn so there is only air.

I had to walk away;
Give up something I love,
For what I loved even more,
And save my tears for you.

[Solo - Mustaine]

Everything has lost its meaning; I had to let it go.
To find myself, myself, and start something new, brand new.
Forced to look deep in the mirror, face who I really am.
Now it's just me, 'cause I can't afford you.

I had to walk away;
Give up something I love,
For what I loved even more,
And save my tears for you.

I gave up something I love,
For what I loved even more.
And save my tears for you,
In a vial and walked away.

[Solo - Mustaine]
[Solo - Poland]

You were so beautiful to look upon;
I could see the light in your smile.
Your eyes were the windows into your soul.
Your body was heavenly just like the sky.

[Solo - Mustaine]

Until all your good looks betrayed you, which ain't much.
Counted on your counterfeit smiles for too long.
Your eyes are empty windows, broken.
The body may be here but the soul is gone.

I saved my tears in a vial,
From everything wicked that you did, that you said.
To send away, buried with your love,
So many tears in a vial, now that you're gone, and now that you're dead.

Thanks to Kevin Starks for submitting Tears In A Vial Lyrics.

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What was in the vial? | Reviewer: Charles | 9/13/11

This to me was Dave's tribute to heroin. The addict lifestyle is both demanding and expensive. He had to get clean to find himself and start a new life sober. He realized he loved his music, his son, and his life more than H. In this context the lyrics are self evident. I don't think it's by accident Chris Poland has a solo in this song, sort of a verification of meaning.
Of all his great tunes, I think this one most heart felt.

Tears in a Vial | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/11

Once apon a time there where two lovers, but there city was attackt and the enemy militairs came into the castle.
The woman was raped... and the man was fighting just to save her. But when he found her, she died...
Many years later they found eachother again.. They where happy tougether, but the past was still not solved... The woman became down and the man did'nt wanted to fight for her again, because he thought she would die anyway..
So he broke up with her and left her for dead, while she is still alive...

ps. Great song.

the system has failed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/09

nice love song from dave I wish I would understand 100% off the song but I guess we cant be in the head of the person who writed the song, the guitar goes so well with the singing especially at the end

Your body was heavenly, just like the sky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

I love this song so much, its like, man i cant even explain it, its just so like, beautiful. you can tell by litening Dave put alot of work into the vocals.