Tears For Fears Lyrics

FORMED: 1981

TFF topped the charts in the '80s with world-wide hits such
as - "Shout" (#1 in US), "Everybody Wants To Rule The World
(#1 in US), "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" (#2 in US), "Head
Over Heels" (#3 in US), and "Advice For The Young At
Heart". TFF has sold over 17,000,000 albums.

The "Tears For Fears" name was derived from the book
"Primal Scream" by Arthur Janov, "tears as a replacement
for fears". Both Roland and Curt were heavily influenced by
Janov's book. (Before Curt and Roland created TFF, they
were in the band More...

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Review about Tears For Fears songs
head over heels for Roland | Reviewer: Darcy
    ------ About the song Head Over Heels performed by Tears For Fears

Ahh the 80's... they were so innocent, weren't they? I too was about 11 when this song came out in '85, and I have always loved it, but something about it has me love it agn even more now, could b the fact that it brings back so many wonderful memories... Memories, moments, and a time I long for (as another reviewer also mentioned) I came across this song about a week ago and I just can't get it out of my head, it's probably their #1 in my books ! I even made it my ringtone, what a great way to keep it with me... Man ! Only of we had ringtones in this days !

sowing | Reviewer: maxwell
    ------ About the song Sowing The Seeds of Love performed by Tears For Fears

our generation "im talking about us who have 35-45" are one of better because we've got dreams of a better world, no influention of politics, no wars , no sorrow.
i m glad to listen this song again in decades.

Circles at odds | Reviewer: Ed Robson
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Tears For Fears

Although I prefer the Gary Jules tempo, this is an amazing poetic song from tears for fears who's music I love. I always wish it to have been longer.
I can see the frustration in the lyrics all too well, pointless worn out repetative lives around us accenting the hopelessness one can feel in our own. Living for a birthday or xmas not every day with each other. Progressionless and funny (not ha ha). Then there is the part re. dreams/memories we dream being better than perhaps our unfortunate circumstance.
I hope not many can see this clearly, but there is hope in the comment Mad World. Kind of is at times eh.

Great song | Reviewer: Austin
    ------ About the song Listen performed by Tears For Fears

This song is one of tff greatest compositions.i love the chant chorus and considering there age at the time of writing this shows just how well Roland and Curt understood the process of writing a classic piece of music.To me this is possibly one of the greatest album tracks ever.Songs from the Big Chair is one of the stand out albums from the 80s.If you don't own it you should.

Fun and interesting way to express the 80's | Reviewer: Chops
    ------ About the song Head Over Heels performed by Tears For Fears

This is a great song with a deep feeling and I always listen to it when im moody or my heart has been shattered. I turn to it when im rejected by a girl im truly interested in and i cant stop for a few days. I eventually get over it. Anyway, this has a deep feeling and always makes me think of the 80's.

life song | Reviewer: surbhi
    ------ About the song Watch Me Bleed performed by Tears For Fears

this song tells the true meaning of life,every one here in world seems so happy from outside but from inside there is emptiness,loneliness which no one see, this song so close to my heart

Simply amazing | Reviewer: Xavier
    ------ About the song Sea Song performed by Tears For Fears

Wow. I've never heard anything like this before. I'm very impressed and it's so magical (in a romantic goth kind of way). I'm still having trouble understanding the metaphors ... I'm not sure what he's talking about. But the melody and the harmony and the instrumentation is so cool that I just don't care.

Love it!

Simple and powerful | Reviewer: jdb
    ------ About the song Pullin' A Cloud performed by Tears For Fears

The best songs are the simplest. This one puts me in mind of the Paul McCartney classic "Blackbird." The harmonies are sublime and the arrangement is perfect. This might be my new favorite Tears For Fears song.

Hits the spot | Reviewer: evergreen
    ------ About the song Last Days On Earth performed by Tears For Fears

This song has a wonderfully weary, benignly cynical feel to it, fitting end to an album that deals with themes of growing older and the passage of time. A beautifully-crafted, mature, well-seasoned album from a couple of guys who know what they're doing.

Lyric correction | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mad World performed by Tears For Fears

At the very end of the Tears for Fear's song, the correct lyrics are "Halargian world," as opposed to "Enlarging your world." I always thought the same until I read an interview with Curt Smith, in which he quoted, "Halarge was an imaginary planet invented by either Chris Hughes or Ross Cullum during the recording of The Hurting. I added it as a joke during the lead vocal session, and we kept it." However, I'm not sure if the lyrics in the cover by Gary Jules stay true to the original or not.

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