Tears For Fears Albums

  • Ready Boys & Girls Album (4/19/2014)
    My Girls
    Ready To Start
    Boy From School

  • Everybody Loves A Happy Ending Album (4/6/2004)
    Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
    Closest Thing To Heaven
    Call Me Mellow
    Size Of Sorrow
    Who Killed Tangerine
    Quiet Ones
    Who You Are
    The Devil
    Secret World
    Killing With Kindness
    Last Days On Earth

  • Saturnine Martial & Lunatic Album (8/1/1996)
    Johnny Panic And The Bible Of Dreams
    The Big Chair
    Schrodinger's Cat
    My Life In The Suicide Ranks
    When In Love With A Blind Man
    Deja Vu And The Sins Of Science
    Tears Roll Down
    New Star
    Lord Of Karma
    Bloodletting Go
    Always In The Past
    Sea Song
    Ashes To Ashes
    The Way You Are

  • Raoul & The Kings Of Spain Album (10/16/1995)
    Raoul And The Kings Of Spain
    Falling Down
    God's Mistake
    Sketches Of Pain
    Los Reyes Catolicos
    Humdrum And Humble
    I Choose You
    Don't Drink The Water
    Me And My Big Ideas
    Los Reyes Catolicos (Reprise)

  • Elemental Album (6/7/1993)
  • Tears Roll Down-Hits 1982-92 Album (3/17/1992)
  • Seeds Of Love Album (9/25/1989)
  • Songs From The Big Chair Album (2/25/1985)
  • The Hurting Album (3/7/1983)

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    Reviews about Tears For Fears albums

    Happy ending? | Reviewer: RC
        ------ About the album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending performed by Tears For Fears

    The long awaited reunion album that TFF fans have been waiting for has finally arrived and it can best be summed up as Back to the Future. Either that, or Sergeant Pepper makes a comeback. The album has that retro-Beatles feel that TFF first started with their Seeds of Love album. Somehow the boys seem fixated on this time period and an overall feel good message. Indeed, Roland himself stated that this album is the one that should have followed Seeds of Love. To be sure, most TFF fans will still find a song or two to be happy with such as the popsy "Secret World" that includes French horns one would more likely find on a Burt Bacharach album. "Call me Mellow" is another retro fit tune that nonetheless, is easy on the ears.

    Missing from the album is the edgy, well crafted, us against the world messages seen in such TFF classics such as "Everybody wants to rule the world", "Mothers Talk", and "Women in chains".

    Overall, the album will likely find itself in most TFF fans collection but I suggest you wait until it hits the bargain bin at your record store. I just don't see it selling or getting airplay on most USA radio stations.


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