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B5 Teacher's Pet Lyrics

Last updated: 05/15/2008 12:00:00 PM

CanI Be Your Teacher's Pet?

It was just another Monday
I can't wait for this day to end yeah
I was walking down the hallway
To class but as I walked in
That’s when I saw this girl so beautiful
From her head to cuticles
But what I didn’t know was
See this girl that had me out of breath
Was a substitute I guess
Because she told me take my test and

(There goes my heart)
There goes my heart
(I guess we were meant to be apart )
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
im sure that im more than smart
Give her a love she can’t forget if I could be her teachers pet
(If I could only have one chance)
To show you that I understand what it takes to be your man
(So baby please come take my hand)
We can keep it on the low
Girl nobody has to know
(If I could only be with you)
Anything you wanna do
I’m not afraid to try with you
(I may be young but u can bet)
You can give me any test if I could be your teachers pet.

As she was writing on the chalkboard
What I saw made a playas eye sore
I know theres no way I can shake this
Can't take this
Caught off in the matrix
(oh no)
The way her dress fits firmly on her waist
Made that coca cola shape
Made me wanna get a taste and
As soon as the bell rings I know I gota let you know
I just cant let you go
my feelings are out of control
(i've been a bad boy,detention with you somthing i'd enjoy)
[Patrick]:Ohhh I'd enjoy
(gimme your lesson plan, girl I'll pass your course)

I promise that you wont regret making me your teachers pet


[Talk:Patrick and Teacher]
Patrick: hold on miss where you think you going?


Patrick:cause I wanna come too.

Teacher:boi You know your to young for me.

Patrick:Aww come on baby age aint nothing but a number.
So tell me what you gon do

Teacher: You tryin to go to the office.

Patrick: If its for you.

Teacher: ha ha boy you so crazy.

Patrick: Only for you, I really wanna be your man.
Why wont you give me a chance?

Patrick:I'm sayin'you can give me any test any test I will be your Teacher's Pet
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