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Dolly Parton Teach Me To Trust Lyrics

Last updated: 03/03/2005 11:00:00 AM

Maybe because it's too good to be true maybe because I want it so much
Maybe I fear you don't really mean it for I feel I'm never enough

But I want you more than I ever wanted anything I can recall
But something inside keeps saying you'll hurt me do I dare to trust it at all

Teach me to trust darling you must or else I'll go out of my mind
When I'm not near you I always fear you have somebody else on the line

Is it a fear or is it a knowing a jealousy born out of truth
Cause I watch you flirt and it's how you embrace them
With your eyes that say I could lose

Teach me to trust make me feel loved tell me I've no need to fear
Just make me feel safe whatever it takes tell me what I need to hear

Cause I need to feel important and special your cherished and only true love
And sometimes I think I'll die from this feeling if you don't teach me to trust
Can't you reach me and teach me to trust