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They say Taylor was a good girl
never one to be late
complain express ideas in her brain
Working on the night shift
passin out the tickets
you're gonna have to pay her
if you want to park here.
Well mommy's little dancer's
quite a little secret
working on the streets now
never gonna keep it.
It's quite an imposition
And now she's only wishin'
That she would have listened
To the words they said.
Poor Taylor.
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Well she just wanders around unaffected by the winter winds, yeah
and she'll pretend that
well she's somewhere else
so far and clear
about 2,000 miles from here.

Peter Patrick pitter patters on the window
And Sunny Silhouette won't let him in
and poor old Pete's got nothin 'cause he's been fallin'
but somehow Sunny knows just where he's been
He thinks that singin' on a Sunday's gonna save his soul
but now that Saturday is gone
Well sometimes he thinks that he's on his way
but I can see, that his break lights are on

And he just wanders around unaffected by the winter winds, yeah
and he'll pretend that
well he's somewhere else
so far and clear
about 2,000 miles from here.

She's such a tough enchilada
filled up with nada
givin' what you gotta give to get a dollar bill
she used to be a limber chick
time's a been tickin'
now she's finger licking to the man
with the money in his pocket
flying in his rocket
only stoppin by on his way to a better world
if Taylor finds a better world...
then Taylors gonna run away

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Taylor meaning | Reviewer: Taylor | 7/6/12

I don't think that people should tell what songs mean because really songs are ment for the listener to decide the meaning of a song for themselves. Songs trigger feelings and emotions. Songs are ment to make you feel how ever you want them to make you feel.

unfortunately | Reviewer: a brother | 4/10/11

i agree 100% with fefi. My sister's name is taylor and, although I wish it meant something else, I agree that it has to do with a prostitute. Either way this is a phenomenal song, prbly my favorite jj song.

love | Reviewer: shelby | 5/20/10

I absolutely adore music like this!! Music you kind of have to decode yourself, y'know? Like, there is some obvious meaning to some parts, but other parts you have to decode yourself. Love it! That way, every song can relate to you! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Love J.J.!!

Performing it | Reviewer: Mr Sparkle | 4/16/10

I love the intro to this song (Guitar) as I am a guitar player and I do acoustic covers with a friend of mine and she sings it. We both love this song heaps! And we're going to be covering it in a couple of days at a gig out of town. Heres hoping we can provide a shred of perfection towards the performance :)

Hahaha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

I used to have a girlfriend named Taylor and this song makes me smile so much cause it's about a hooker named Taylor...can't get much better then that cause she is a fuckin bitch this song is a way to stick it to her :)

i have a big penis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

Jack johnson is amazing his songs are amazing and all the people that are writing reviews are girls and there's no guys perspective ima guy and I love all of his songs but this on has special mean to me because my girlfriends name is taylor and I love her more than anything and when I listen to this song all I can do is think about her and to me its not about a prostitute its about the love I have for my girlfriend and that's why its our song I love my girlfriend, I love this song, and love jack johnson

A masterpiece | Reviewer: Taylor Park | 7/23/09

My name is Taylor and I have always hated my name because it applies to both girls and guys but now i love it because of this song. I feel like this song was written specially for me- especially the last line. But I live in a snowy part of america (winter winds) and I am planning on getting citizenship to England (about 2000 miles away from here so far and clear) That is why the last line fits me so perfectly. This is like the theme song of my life. Thanks the lord for Jack Johnson!!!!

Taylor | Reviewer: Kassidi | 5/9/09

This is funny. i'm naming my unborn child (due on July 24th!) taylor because I'm such a JJ finatic. It's definitly not for the meaning of prostitution, but just for the intellegence of the way he puts his words together. Huge fan!

meaningless?! | Reviewer: fefi | 5/5/09

just to proove that this song is in no way meaningless:
taylor is a prostitute: "workin on the night shift"
peter patrick is a hypocrite christian: "He thinks that singin on Sunday's gonna save his soul"
peter has obviously sinned, and sunny - maybe his wife - knows where he's been.
he thinks he's on his way but "his brake lights are on"... ok now that has 2 meanings i think: 1: he brakes, so he cant be going fast on his way and 2: where would you brake, concerning the first verse? right, at taylors "working place"... and that is where peter has been...
now to verse 3:
taylor is doing what shes gotta do to get her dollar bill, "finger lickin" to the man, who is "flying in his rocket"...
which man? well, somebody that stopped by on his way to a better world... wait, now who was thinking he was on his way? and who had his brake lights on, because he stopped by?... jep... just my thought, and there is much more to find in this great song

my sname too | Reviewer: taylor | 1/31/09

thats my name too! and it's accurate for me too! srry, had to say that. i found a few others with the name too, but they're all about guy's named taylor. it's soooo annoying. GREAT SONG. I LOVE JACK JOHNSON MUSIC. my buddy first intro'd me to his music. she's six and loves curious george, so i heard the song 'upside down' and fell in love. i was like, "who sings that?" any way, i'm getting carried away. great song and artist. he's sooo gifted

awsome!! | Reviewer: Kinsey | 10/15/08

Not only does Jack Johnson have the ability to create awsome beats for a song and amazing lyrics, but he knows how put them together and make an absolute masterpiece! Every song of Jack Johnsons has a meaning, he writes it for his own meaning but puts it in a way we can all relate to! i LOVE Jack Johnson's work! =)

This songs rocks | Reviewer: Anon | 9/2/08

About one month ago, i asked my friend to burn me a cd, just for this song, he ended up burning the whole j.j album for me. This is such an emotional song, word wise and i love the way has has sung it. Jack, you are awesome!

my name. :] | Reviewer: Taylor | 8/18/08

i always wanted to hear a song have my name in it. like, i always here songs about jessie's & stacy's or whatever. lol.
i can't believe someone -called- a song, my name though. :] it's great. haha.
it's pretty accurate, too.. if you know what i mean. <3
definitely my favorite.
;D & my theme song.

ONE AMAZING MAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/08

its an awesome song.
he is the great master at guitar..he is one of my favorites. i also love john maybe and i recon if him and john did i duet it would sound awesome.
this guy has flavor in his music and his lyrics are amazing.
i hope that he puts on a great show on the 26/march in melbourne


31/01/2008 | Reviewer: Tayla | 1/31/08

I love this song, and i also like all of j.j.'s other songs, especially 'gone going'. this song is a really mysterious song, because of it's lyrics, but j.j. has a way of making you forget everything when your listening ti his songs. Thanks jack.

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