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Taylor Dayne Biography

Last updated: 10/12/2007 12:00:00 PM

In a career now reaching over 12 years Taylor Dayne has established herself as one of Pop Music's most successful artists. Her versatile voice has gained recognition in multiple formats from pop, rock, dance to adult comtempary.

Taylor has earned herself millions of album and single sales worldwide, two sold out world tours and 3 grammy nominations. Her voice reaches across the lines of age, gender and culture.

Taylor was born in Long Island, New York on March 7th...1962. Taylor began singing as a child running around the house constantly singing commercials and along to the radio. She soon discovered she had an amazing gift and then begin to fine tune it. She sang in a rock band at 15, after school trained classically to strengthen her singing albilities. Taylor soon joined a band called "FELONY" and got some hands on experience and also joined another band after that called "THE NEXT".

After this stage Taylor knew her love was to go solo and so she tried sending out demo's but soon she met her long time buddy and producer "Ric Wake" who together they found they had something special when it came to making music.

Taylor asked big companies for their throw away tracks and it just happened that a song called "TELL IT TO MY HEART" would be the launching pad of an amazing career.

"TELL IT TO MY HEART" soon soared up the pop charts all over the world bringing Taylor into the eyes of millions of fans and selling over 1 million copies worldwide and hitting number 1 in five countries. This was an unexpected success, Taylor was blown away by just how quickly it all started. She had signed with big label "ARISTA" and with a big hit they needed an album like yesterday. Taylor and her crew got to work and the debut album "TELL IT TO MY HEART"(1988) was made in a mere 6 weeks and spawned big hits such as:

* Tell It To My Heart
* Prove Your Love
* I'll Always Love You
* Don't Rush Me

This album went on to sell over 2 million copies worldwide and Taylor toured the world including opening for "Michael Jackson" on his BAD Tour. Then where most artists fall short Taylor stunned the critic's by gaining another 4 Top Ten Singles from her follow up album "CAN'T FIGHT FATE"(1990) which includes her USA #1 smash "Love Will Lead
You Back":

* With Every Beat Of My Heart
* Love Will Lead You Back
* I'll Be Your Shelter
* Heart Of Stone

This album also sold over 2 million copies worldwide and a world tour followed. Taylor then took a creative hiatus to prepare for her 3rd album, after 3 years Taylor was ready to release her next album tilted "SOUL DANCING"(1993) which she shows her amazing voice off and tops the charts with a remake of the Barry White song "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" which hits #1 in Australia and Top 20 in Usa and features the hits:

* Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
* Send Me A Lover
* I'll Wait

"SOUL DANCING" goes on to sell over 1/2 million copies in the USA and goes gold in Australia and peaks at number 3 on the album charts.

In 1994 Taylor records the theme song for the motion picture "The Shadow" starring Alec Baldwin and astounds fans with her dynamic vocal range.

* Original Sin

In 1995 Taylor decides to leave her record label "ARISTA" to take time out and to discover where she wants her career to go and on departure releases her "GREATEST HITS" album featuring her 10 consecutive smash hits plus remixes of:

* Say A Prayer
* I'll Wait
* Tell It To My Heart

Over the next 3 years Taylor takes up acting and stars in the movies:

* Stag
* Fools Paradise
* Love Affair

It was actually back in 1994 when Taylor starting to really take acting seriously and as well as her 3 movie roles, Taylor has also appeared on various Televison shows including
"Rude Awakenings".

In 1998 Taylor develops her own record label and begins work on her 4th solo album released in late 1998 tilted "NAKED WITHOUT YOU"an amazing album that showcases her writing and vocal talent and features the dance hits:

* Whatever You Want
* Unstoppable
* Naked Without You

"NAKED WITHOUT YOU" was a long wait for eager fans but was treasured by all her many fans and although only released in the USA, word is legal problems are holding up release for the rest of the world.

In 1999 Taylor tours and promotes the album and it is announced that a "LIVE CD" will be sold at her Live Shows and through her website in the near future.

In 2000 Taylor records a song tilted "Planet Love" for the motion picture "Flawless". This song soars to the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts and fans go crazy over this great song:

* Planet Love

In May 2000 Taylor tours the USA and announces she is working on her 5th solo album and is working with great writer's and producer's.

In JULY 2000 the LIVE CD is being sold at Taylor's Live Shows in the USA and it will be sold through her website as a very limited edition collector's CD. The LIVE CD at this stage is not getting a commercial release:

* Live CD

Taylor Dayne fans from around the world eagerly wait for the LIVE CD to be sold on her website and for her forthcoming new album...