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Bruce Springsteen Taxi Cab Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2005 11:00:00 AM

Taxicab, taxicab at the light
Won't you take me on a ride
Through this city at night
I got some money and I'm feelin' fine
I ain't no hurry so just take your time

Some people wanna die young and gloriously
Well taxicab driver, hey that ain't me
I got a cute little baby
down at 12th and Vine
And she opens for business just about closin' time

Ah hey hey, ah hey hey
City at night, city at night

I don't believe what I see in this street
I don't know how they can take the heat
Well baby I'm a liar, I'm a cheat
And I don't care
I got my money, I can't take my fare

I'm ridin' tonight, I'm on my way
C'mon baby...
I can take it or live it, when it comes
Got my baby by the light of the sun
You know she brings it with her and then she comes

Hey, hey, city at night
Hey, hey, city at night
Ride on

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most hated | Reviewer: cayla112 | 6/27/2007

I thought it was a stupid song the naked brothers bands one was way much better and he is a crap singer Ive heard crows better oh wait let me revrase that standing on a cats tail as its jumping into water.and thats the bright side and I think just for that song you should kill yourself terrible and even worse then his last song I dont have any more words to describe how bad it was other people might think its good but not me and my 12 friends who heard we thought it was the worst song we have ever heard it was on our most hated list and for that reason I put it no1 on my most hate list and we have a poster of him saying worst singer ever maybe it was true have a good life maybe you should be on probation instead of paris hilton so there I said it from your no1 most hated fan in india toodles

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