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Tash, Original member of the alkaholiks. he grew in the
mean streets of L.A with me. He started rapping with his
father and started battling his cousins. At that time the
his cousins E swift and J ro were just ordanary kids
getting in trouble. They then decided to start a group
named "The Liks" They started rapping at underground clubs
and got respect. The More...

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life | Reviewer: im wack
    ------ About the song Rap Life performed by Tash

i dont feel good, i'm getting sick from seeing young girls sucking dicks,home girl i understand you,but lord forgives you,i will help you find a other way to make money,dont worry about it honey ,your only eight you need to be home doing your math ,not around the street showing your ass,i know it is't easy to get money,seeing all these white girl with Sperrys , your always telling me about your drama, i got your back like your mama,your mom try so hard to put food on your plate,you be trade her by being a fool and being late

Johnny the invisible sailor | Reviewer: dan kijkhgf
    ------ About the song Bill Clinton Skit performed by Tash

Once upon a time there was a man named Johnny from Wisconsin. And one day he said, "I am going to be a sailor from Wisconsin". So one day his dream came true and he became a sailor from Wisconsin and when he was out at sea in his brand new boat a whale came out of nowhere and ate Johnny the sailor from Wisconsin and Johnny died and he came back but as an invisible sailor from Wisconsin and that is the story of Johnny the invisible sailor from Wisconsin.

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