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Taproot's Stephen Richards sits in the family room of his
Ypsilanti, Michigan home, contemplating the question he's
often asked -- What kind of band is Taproot? "My favorite
thing to tell people," offers Richards, who's surrounded by
his bandmates, "is we're heavy enough to have done OZZFest
twice, but then again we're the only band that wore

That may be the most definitive explanation you'll hear
about Taproot. The quartet bangs the heads and shakes the
rafters like the heaviest of 'em all -- but it does much
more than More...

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Review about Taproot songs
heaven and hell | Reviewer: zain wasay
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

i stand up in heaven when im standing i hell thinking how the **** can i better myself i eat so much theres nothing left for myself i aint scared of no man but im scared of myself and if you push me too far im prepared to bring hell im like the type that keeps fighting when there ringing the bell im the new rap champ where the hell is my belt il put a bar 2ur neck and your pissing youself i got man and that that will ride and sit in a cell thyle load a 3.5 yeah theylle fill it with shells theyle put a strolla in you face and now your shitting yourself.

American Idle | Reviewer: Richard Rojic
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

To hear the song Go to U tube and type in [rojic american idle]
Make sure you type IDLE as you see it, It is the theem of the song. THank you .

"Poem = EPICNESS" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

now I don't know about you guys, but I first heard of this song thanks to the promo for that new 2 CD of rock. generally, I look around for new artists to listen to, and when I saw the lists of artists, I thought, "Hm, I'll give 'em a listen." AND MAN WAS I GLAD I DID!!! Taproot is WAY underated, not to mention someone should use this song's chorus for a trailer or something. :) SOOOOOOOOOO glad I decided to give these guys a listen! Go Taproot! <3

hell yaaa! | Reviewer: ossandon
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

wow wow... it's not an oldie song... I mean c'mon
it's only from a couple of years ago..well anyway it doesn't matter, this is still a kick ass song...and I think a lot of ppl will find themselves in this song...so enjoy the lyrics and the sound :)

amazing song!! | Reviewer: Steve
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

oh my god...i heard this son on the radio like 6 years ago....

and for some reason it just came up in my mind, and I had no idea who it was. I searched around for like a month atleast till finally i gave up. Then i turn on the tv to one of the music channels and hear the chorus and im like "THATS IT...OH MY GOD!!!!!!"


Almost perfect. | Reviewer: Chris Becker
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

This is one of my all time favorite songs, so the reason i'm putting the is so it's typed right, no offense.

On the third line where you put "From me", it's actually supposed to say "Per-man-ately" split into three different parts like that.

This is a great song, in my opinion | Reviewer: ryan
    ------ About the song I performed by Taproot

My friend gave me this song a long time ago when I was really into alternative and metal, and although I've drifted into classic rock and such, I still really like this song.

Review meaning | Reviewer: D
    ------ About the song Mine performed by Taproot

Just wanted to say listened to this song with new insight and I see it in a whole new way. The way I imagine they had in mind when it was written. "When I look into your eyes you help me realign and show me just how to be myself inside" This has been my personal experience with Jesus, When we look straight to him he helps us see his peace and meaning in our lives which they talk about later in the song.
Continued Below

overview | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

this is one bad-ass song. the first time i heard it
i knew exactly what it meant
it is easily my #1 favorite song!!!

taproot kicks ass!!!!

Nice | Reviewer: Lee Devlin
    ------ About the song Poem performed by Taproot

This song definetly shows the best of 'Taproot'.
Melodic yet angry..It shows a great range of feelings..I'd love to know what he was writing about fully...But who will ever know lol.

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