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b. Tanya Denise Tucker, 10 October 1958, Seminole, Texas,
USA. Tucker's father, Beau, a construction worker, and her
mother, Juanita, encouraged her fledgling musical talents.
Her early years were spent in Wilcox, Arizona, before
moving to Phoenix in 1967. Her father booked her to perform
with visiting country stars on stage at local fairs. Never
one to consider that some songs might be too old for her,
she was singing "You Ain't Woman Enough" before she was 13.

The family moved to St. George, Utah, and her mother
impressed the More...

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Review about Tanya Tucker songs
Rebuttal to Before He Cheats. | Reviewer: Wil Adams
    ------ About the song I'M GONNA LOVE YOU ANYWAY performed by Tanya Tucker

Long before American Idol made Carrie Underwood a star, and long before women were so indoctrinated in what it is to be a woman that they have forgotten what it is to be a female, Tanya Tucker was singing hit songs about young girls caught up in adult situations. Perhaps that is why her suggested course of action in Gonna Love You Anyway, shows far more maturity than Carrie Underwood's actions in Before He Cheats. For Tanya it was clear that she 'must have been out of my mind, to drive you to another's arms', accepting responsibility, while in Before He Cheats, we see just the opposite, a woman who wants to punish them 'I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive. Carved my name into his leather seat.I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights.
Slashed a hole in all 4 tires.' Where is her responsibility in this action for 'driving him to another's arms'?
How things have changed in just these few years, and not for the better.

haunting n beautiful!!! | Reviewer: Lycee
    ------ About the song Spring performed by Tanya Tucker

I was 17yrs old the first and ONLY time I ever heard this song but it made such a deep and lasting impression on me that I've never forgotten it. In fact, I was so moved by the EMOTIONS! in her voice that I actually cried!

Cool Song | Reviewer: Spring fisk
    ------ About the song Spring performed by Tanya Tucker

What fun! I found this site and also FOR MELISSA SPRING WITH ALL MY LOVE site today because someone else was talking about this song and I have never heard it. My name is Spring j Fisk :-) I love my name. i do not remember ever being teased for my name most people think it is realy pretty. My moms name is April and if I have a kid I want to name her Autumn. :-)

When I was 13 | Reviewer: Leanna Bond
    ------ About the song What's Your Mama's Name Child performed by Tanya Tucker

I grew up in South Texas in a very small area. You and I were the same age and I idolized you. My favorite song was "What's Your Mama's name". I would sing that song to my chidren to put them to sleep at night. They are 37 and 25 and can still sing that song with me. That should say how special you were to me.

one of the best songs ever written sang by a great artist 'blessed' | Reviewer: william head
    ------ About the song I Won't Take Less Than Your Love performed by Tanya Tucker

tanya i am having a time downloading your song for my brother he is 82 years young and he thinks theres nothing like you i am kind of fond of you also he loves this song iwant take less than your love.

word review | Reviewer: V Bingham
    ------ About the song Bed Of Rose's performed by Tanya Tucker

4th last line should be "and l learned all the things that a girl should know from a woman not approved of l suppose" it doesnt make sense to say l learned all the things a man should know, cmon people anyone who knows and feels this songs truth cant argue about it!

My name! | Reviewer: Jessica Spring
    ------ About the song Spring performed by Tanya Tucker

I was named after this song, and although I got teased for having a middle name like Spring, It was unique, and I still know the Jessica Spring will always be an available username! I have been looking for this song to hear it or read the lyrics for ten years. I can never find it on any download system, so does anyone know where I can fin it?

The Old South Comes Alive Again.......... | Reviewer: Del Kesler
    ------ About the song I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again performed by Tanya Tucker

When I first heard the song off Tanya's Greatest
Hits album, I loved it!! When you listen to it you get a whole picture of the south in your mind.
I remember as a child in Dallas the cotton fields
of Corsacana Texas where my maternal grandparents
had a farm. I can see sons and daughters of the
old south working those same fields. Dirt poor and trying to raise their own kids the best they could.
This is a very definitive southern tune that takes you back to the roots of where it all began.
I love this tune and the I love the way Tanya delivers it.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Two Sparrows in a Hurricane performed by Tanya Tucker

I absolutley love this song. My mom used to sing it to me when I was younger. I could listen to it over and over again.

Best sing along of all time.... | Reviewer: Just Joe
    ------ About the song Texas When I Die performed by Tanya Tucker

If you've got girls at the party??? and what man doesn't plan to have 'em?? then you've got to play Texas by Tanya and watch them all go nuts on the dance floor...pretending to be singing it ..It rates up there with Mony-Mony and Cowboy by Kid Rock.
Even today, after all these years, and with the 35-45 age crowd(those 20 somethings like it too) most of the girls remember hearing it and if not they'll come over and ask about it afterwards.

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