Tankard Albums

  • R.I.B. Album (6/20/2014)
    War Cry
    Fooled By Your Guts
    R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)
    Riders Of The Doom
    Hope Can't Die
    No One Hit Wonder
    Breakfast For Champions
    Enemy Of Order
    Clockwise To Deadline
    The Party Ain't Over 'til We Say So

  • B-Day Album (1/1/2002)
    Notorious Scum
    Need Money For Beer
    Ugly, Fat And Still Alive
    Underground (Atmosphere Hostile)
    Voodoo Box
    Zero Dude
    New Liver Please!
    Rundown Quarter
    Alcoholic Nightmares

  • Kings Of Beer Album (1/1/2000)
    Flirtin' With Desaster
    Dark Exile
    Hot Dog Inferno
    Hell Bent For Jesus
    Kings Of Beer
    I'm So Sorry!
    Talk Show Prostitute
    Incredible Loudness
    Land Of The Free
    Mirror Mirror
    Tattoo Coward

  • Disco Destroyer Album (1/1/1998)
    Serial Killer
    Hard Rock Dinosaur
    Queen Of Hearts
    Mr. Superlover
    Tankard Roach Motel
    Another Perfect Day
    Death By Whips
    Face Of The Enemy
    Splendid Boyz
    Disco Destroyer

  • Alien Album (1/1/1998)
  • The Tankard Album (1/1/1995)
  • Two-Faced Album (1/1/1994)
  • Stone Cold Sober Album (1/1/1992)
  • The Meaning Of Life Album (1/1/1990)
  • The Morning After Album (1/1/1988)
  • Chemical Invasion Album (1/1/1987)
  • Zombie Attack Album (1/1/1986)

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