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Before Tamia Washington (born May 9, 1976) was discovered,
she studied voice, acting, singing and performed on stage
and at church in her native Windsor, Canada. She won
several awards, including the 1993 YTV Youth Achievement
Award in the Vocal category. In 1994, Tamia won the Steve
Ross Music Scholarship as an Honor Youth Delegate at the
American Academy of Achievement's thirty-third Annual
Salute to Excellence. She also performed to an audience of
75,000 people at a gala honoring Canadian Prime Minister
Brian Mulroney, and More...

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Review about Tamia songs
Don't give up on god | Reviewer: Natalie
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Tamia

Repent Repent Repent and give your life today coz who knws if u'll eva face tomorrow only god has the power to open your eyes when u wake up tomorrow.

helps | Reviewer: thaissa
    ------ About the song Tomorrow performed by Tamia

this song is amzing ,did you listen the to the way she sing it ,it a very sronge song . it help me understand to not be scary of what going to happend tomrrow,

Its worth it sometime | Reviewer: Modiakgotla Pulane sharon
    ------ About the song Smile performed by Tamia

I'm teenager i dont know all about this love but i can tell the minute you felt love is hard to let it go which is hard but hey time heals and sometimes letting go is a blessing and it worth it

I'm Still In Love With You | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Still performed by Tamia

I just listened to this song at least 10 times I ven dropped some tears because it makes me think and reminisce how me and my first love used to be I miss and lovh im so much he means so much to me we used to be bestfriends then we became more some people don't understand it but everytime I see him, think about him, or just think about how we are now and how we used to be makes me realize how deeply im

Still loving STILL | Reviewer: Gina
    ------ About the song Still performed by Tamia

I love love love this song this is me and my man to the fullest, it's his ringtone and when we get into it I just listen to these words! Our kids even sing the lyrics when Daddy calls!

smile. Tamia | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Smile performed by Tamia

We can say what ever we like,say you don't need a man to be happy,well maybe,just Maybe its true,but only for a moment,because sumtimes,you go to bed wishing to find sum1 to cuddle with,talk to ,touch or just just find peace in each others silence...God made man nd women to complement each other...So we need men,love in our lives,true love.

deep thoughts | Reviewer: Aisha
    ------ About the song Still performed by Tamia

When I first heard this song, my boyfriend and I were going thru some problems. This song made me realized how much we really cared for one another and how strong our love was for each other. I'm glad to say we are still together, deeper in love than before and our relationship continues to grow every day. No relationship is easy and everyone goes thru Thur ups and downs, but if that love you share is real and genuine, you will make it thru whatever. Thanks Tamia for a wonderful song :-)

winnyseitile | Reviewer: mohau matsa
    ------ About the song Almost performed by Tamia

She told me that we should be friends when I wanted more than that. She told me maybe in the future but I wanted the present. She kept me guessing and I told her my feelings but she reserved hers. Now she sents me this song.guess am more than confused.

Smile | Reviewer: Musa
    ------ About the song Smile performed by Tamia

Wow this song really brings out tear'z in me,the lyrics speak my life,pretending evrythng is ok whn its actually nt,loving someone who doesn't love u really hurts,but i stil smile..

I'm Lonely and so Missing you | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Loving You Still performed by Tamia

I dedicate this song to the person I really love,ever since she found out about he being pregnant,she has changed a lot,she's avoiding me and this is killing me cause it actually make me feel like am not part of her nor there baby!I'm Lonely and I jst hope she realizes how much I love her and need her in my life

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