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Tamaki Nami Biography

Last updated: 02/16/2008

Nami Tamaki born on June 1, 1988 and raised in Wakayama-ken, Japan. Nami Tamaki at young age wanted to become a singer. At 9th grade, she moved into Tokyo to start a new life. She went to dance schools and went into many auditions. In one of the Sony Music Audition, she performed the song Destiny Child's "Survivor" and was noticed. She was chosen out of many auditions.

In 2002, a new anime show "Gundam Seed" had started. As for the 3rd opening theme of the anime, Nami Tamaki first single "Believe" was chosen. It was a big hit for Nami Tamaki. Nami Tamaki debuts in April of 2003 with the single 'Believe'. On the 18th Annual Japan Gold Disc Award's, Nami Tamaki won the award New Artist of the Year.

In 2004, Nami Tamaki released her 1st album, 'Greeting'. It reached No.5 on the Oricon Charts. She became an artist under TofuRecords. TofuRecord promotes Japanese music in America and releases Japanese cds in America. On April 20th 2004, Tofurecords released US version of 'Greeting'. Nami Tamaki also attention America anime conventions. She performed her hit songs, she a wonderful job and the audience loved her.

Early May of 2005, Nami Tamaki released her 2nd album, 'Make Progress;. Her album reached No.1 in the Oricon Charts. It was Nami Tamaki first cd that reached No.1, a big sucess for Nami Tamaki. Her 3rd album 'Speciality' is planning for release on July 12th 2006.

Nami Tamaki who is an artist under Sony that gives unlimited support, will have a bright future, and bring us wonderful music.