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Remember when we used to look how sun sets far away?
And how you said: "This is never over"
I believed your every word and I guess you did too
But now you say : "Hey, let's think this over"

You take my hand and pull me next to you, so close to you
I have a feeling you don't have the words
I found one for you, kissed your cheek, said bye, and walk away
Don't look back 'cause I am crying...

I remember little things you hardly ever do
Tell me why
I don't know why it's over
I remember shooting stars, the walk we took that night
I hope your wish came true, mine betrayed me

You let my hand go, and you fake a smile for me
I have a feeling you don't know what to do
I look deep in your eyes, hesitate a while...
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Why are you crying?

Tallulah, it's easier to live alone than fear the time it's over, oo-ooh...
Tallulah, find the words and talk to me, oh, Tallulah,
This could be... heaven

I see you walking hand in hand with long-haired drummer of the band
In love with her or so it seems, he's dancing with my beauty queen
Don´t even dare to say you hi, still swallowing the goodbye
But I know the feeling's still alive, still alive

I lost my patience once, so do you punish me now
I'll always love you, no matter what you do
I'll win you back for me if you give me a chance
But there is one thing you must understand

Tallulah, it´s easier to live alone than fear the time it´s over
Tallulah, find the words and talk to me ,oh, Tallulah,
This could be...

Tallulah, It´s easier to live alone than fear the time it´s over
Tallulah, find the words and talk to me ,oh, Tallulah,
This could be...

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complicated | Reviewer: sally | 4/27/14

I'm in this situation right now, we love each other but the relationship it hasn't a name yet u..u and that hurts me too much, that hurt me than him u.u I'm too sad, he says that loves me so much, but he wanna wait a time to name the relatioship, as i said we love each other but i want a name u.u, i don't wanna be as his "friend" as he said, the relationship doesn't have a name yet because he's scared u.u to suffer again but he knows that with me next to him will never happen can someone gives me an advice, if he loves me a lot, he says that is in love to me, could i still next to him, even if he's afraid of? :S i need an advice u.u

Fear | Reviewer: @David_MBGM | 7/25/13

I just see people posting sad-past situations.

I'm just afraid that this could happen to me. I love my GF. I know she loves me, but sometimes she talks about: "What would happen if we break up?" or "Our relation has changed" or "I miss how you were before, I love you but I miss the old you too"

I don't know how to ... just ...... Love Sucks guys. Why the fuck Metalheads are in relationships? We (metalheads) are fucking men. Brave men.

SHIT! Why the fuck i met love??

Not fair, not unffair | Reviewer: Sagestarrk | 5/16/13

This is not a fair or unffair fact, just imagine someone you care but dont love just right now is telling you he/she loves you, but you dont!. Are you and idiot? Are you bad for not feeling the same? Of course not, you just cant force you to feel love, isn it? Unfortunately we know that person will be hurt, and it can be avoided, and it was not your fault, nor that person fault's, just happend, it is all. Keep moving, swallowing the pain and getting mature enough, it is the only way to surpass that situation. Of course will be difficult but life is about learning to overcome that shit, not about crying and whining.

Memories | Reviewer: Lovebreaker | 4/19/13

I broke up with my boryfriend a few months ago, I still love him, and feel the same that I felt the day I met him.
And I know he feels the same too. But it's like a forbidden love, I'm 15 and he is 21 and my mother and his parents doesn't allow that kind of relationships, and I can't handle the fact that I can't see the one U love.
He sent me this song last night. I can't stop crying... Touchy song <3

I'm not the only one :( !! | Reviewer: Aurnos | 4/16/13

I'm passing through a hard moment. My ex-girlfriend said: "i love you but not enough to still be with You", now she is in-love with another guy of his childhood... this situation have broken me, in many ways. In this moment, i feel alone.. but the time has teached me that i am not the only person who passed this awkward moment, and you guys who shared their experiences with all, gave me hope. Thanks.
I'm completly agree with the comment: "Unfair Situation".
Greetings for you.

Unfair situation - Great Song | Reviewer: Unfair Sonata fan | 4/14/13

Many people is complaining about their own experiences so I see no point of doing it myself... I just find unfair the fact that you give everything to that person and it's just not enough for her/him (her in my case) or she/he does not see it! It hurts, really bad, it's awful and it's not fair... I don't understand how that other person could change her/his mind so easily, didn't she/he say "I love you too"???...

Anyway... great song, very deep, embracing and excelent, as the majority of Sonata Arctica's songs.

It's a really good song until it gets to... | Reviewer: Nuke | 2/3/13

I think this is a really good song, very powerful and emotional lyrics, but the part "I see you walking hand in hand with long-haired drummer of the band?" seriously Kakko? you couldn't came up with a better rhyme?... it's like a body sculpture of marmol with an arm made of play dough -.-! And don't get me wrong, Sonata is my favourite band, and Tallulah one of my favourite love songs, but that part just annoys me...

Why me.. | Reviewer: Dred | 12/5/12

This song is just how my life is. I lost my patience with my girlfriend, yet I still love her more than ever. She cheated on me. I don't blame her for that. Still it hurts more than anything. I just love her so much. I've hurted her in many ways. I can't ever make it up to her. I don't beg for forgivenes. I just wish she could be happy..

Sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/12

I was with a girl for 3-4 weeks. After that she said that this isn't working. I was broken. Now it has been more than a year but I still can't stop thinking about her. I haven't even noticed other girls, cuz I like her so much. I don't know what to do. She probably have forgotten me, but I just can't. There was just something so special that I can't erase it from my mind. This might sound stupid but ... I just can't do it.

I <3 you.

him | Reviewer: Emma | 7/16/12

There's a guy I fell in love with ...when I moved to an another high school . When I fist saw him I couldn't believe I could ever feel this way . It was so deep , so true , so absolute . I was in a realationshp with an another guy for three years and I realized then that I was never in love with him so we broke up .

It's been 3 years since then and I am still in love with this guy . More than ever . This love grows stronger every day ... but that happens only from my side I guess . We had some moments together ... the happiest and most magic moments of my life were with him . We have so much passion and we're so attracted to one another .when we are together he makes me think he loves me , he cares for me and he's so much in love with me as I am .

But he disappears .. he keeps doing this all the time . he had a realationship with a girl who hurt him and I feel he is just afraid of starting something new . he says that I am the only girl in his life now , but he has never told me to start a realationshp or something for me . he says he wants me to be a part of his life but he doesn't know how .

oh I am so in love with him . I don't know what to do . he can make the happiest girl on the planet and at the same time the most unhappy . This song makes me think of him ...
these lyrics :
You take my hand and pull me next to you, so close to you
I have a feeling you don't have the words
I found one for you, kiss it's seem, say bye, and walk away
Don't look back 'cause I am crying...

I felt this | Reviewer: Shattered Heart | 4/2/12

My gf broke up with me telling "i don't feel anything for you". I stood there with a broken heart... I gave everything for her...and this is what I got. And guess what? I switched on my iPod on random mode...this was the first song I got...Life is unfair.

LIFE IS A BITCH | Reviewer: Haris Mehnten | 1/25/12

i love and she loves me too, but she cant stop making me unhappy. I dont also know wat ro do., one day an evil taugh cames 2 me, which makes me tink of leaving ha, not bcoz i dont love her but 2 make my life better..... She cry nd cry nd cry, ha mummy ask ha and she said it was me.... D mum giv me a call. And i said mummy i hav cry tooo much 4 ha nd now is ha tenue 2 cry tooo much 4 me...... Den she said ayt baby continue mek sure u mek it beta.....

Sad | Reviewer: Sad eyes | 1/4/12

my bf just left me. he is going back to his ex wife. He said he is leaving me becuase of his son's future. Bullshit. His ex cheated but he still going back. LOL. Life is so interesting, But me still lobe him so much. My heart tells me will wait for him until he comes back. But i will not let myself waste my time for studip relationship. if he goes away best revenge is to let him go. One day he willbe back and ask me to get him back. Love is sometimes sad sometimes good. but dont want that anymore. I can get him replaced on Ebay starting with bid 99c.

Broken Heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/11

the singer acually made this song when hi broke up with his own gir this song is one of many hi done of his girl fullmoon is another good song too so you ppl have right the stories tells about his own gir back of a couple years

falling for u | Reviewer: Romantic | 8/30/11

I broke with my girl... she said her father knew about us.... but then I found out that it was lie... I gave my everything, i created different things to amaze her...and now im exausted.. but i still love her my lil devil..

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