Talking Heads Albums

  • True Stories Album
    Love For Sale
    Puzzling Evidence
    Hey Now
    Papa Legba
    Wild Wild Life
    Radio Head
    Dream Operator
    People Like Us
    City Of Dreams

  • Naked Album (3/1/1988)
    Mr. Jones
    Totally Nude
    Ruby Dear
    (Nothing But) Flowers
    The Democratic Circus
    The Facts Of Life
    Mommy, Daddy, You And I
    Big Daddy
    Cool Water

  • Stop Making Sense Album (7/7/1987)
    Burning Down The House
    Girlfriend is Better
    Life During Wartime
    Once in a Lifetime
    Psycho Killer
    Slippery People
    Take Me to the River
    What A Day That Was

  • Little Creatures Album (6/10/1985)
    And She Was
    Give Me Back My Name
    Creatures Of Love
    The Lady Don't Mind
    Perfect World
    Stay Up Late
    Walk It Down
    Television Man
    Road To Nowhere

  • Speaking In Tongues Album (6/1/1983)
  • Remain In Light Album (10/8/1980)
  • Fear Of Music Album (8/3/1979)
  • More Songs About Buildings & Food Album (7/14/1978)
  • Talking Heads 77 Album (3/1/1977)

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    Reviews about Talking Heads albums

    Funking Heads!!!! | Reviewer: seth goldberg
        ------ About the album Remain In Light performed by Talking Heads

    posable the funkyest album of all time. This album has its own genre of music packed into the tracks of the fantastic talking heads. This album reveals tight beating drum sounds that crack yours ears when you listen to. This is the real classic post-funk sound that David Byrne himself put together to create an avalanche of pure music.

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