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Fatboy Slim Talking About My Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2006 11:00:00 AM

Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah
woah yeah talkin' 'bout my baby
talkin' 'bout my baby
When she goes walkin down bourban street
i just can't hardly stand to walk behind her
shes got a red hot pants on
she got on her yellow high heeled sneakers
she got on a yellow low neck see through blouse
without her brasier on
she's shakin like two big ole baloons in a hurricane
ooooh, she's got on a purple afro wig
She got a hand on her hip,
lettin' her back bone slip
battin her eye, battin her eye
battin her eye, battin her eye
battin her eye n' lookin straight at me,
yeah, lookin' straight at me
Shes battin her eyes and lookin straight at me
with that sassy, saucy look on her face
She Said yeah.
I want to go out on a picnic with you baby,
out under the big bright yellow son
She said i wanna go out on a picnic with you baby
Out under the big bright yellow sun
under the big bright yellow sun
(repeat to fade out)

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Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars - A wonder of creation.. | Reviewer: Jemma | 10/13/2005

This song and their entire Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars album is a miracle sent from the God of Music. I have never yet grown tired of listening to this album, I could listen to it daily and still get the feeling of immense happiness I felt when i first heard this. Talkin' 'Bout My Baby is the first song lasting a mere 3 minutes are 46 seconds, yet those 3:46 seconds make you want to move. Combined with a raputurous voice, a bass riff that fills the floor and your body, and the funkiness that is Fatboy Slim, this is a sure - fire classic for anybody that has an ever expanding knowledge of music. This song is also linked into the last song on their album 'Song For Shelter' at roughly around 8:47 the easily recognisable, yet never dying piano sound enters, and im sure there are many people who feel that as I do, you hear this, and exhale with satisfaction at such a beautifully mastered song. This will be for years to come, and I for one, will never forget it.

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