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The Charlie Daniels Band Talk To Me Fiddle Lyrics

Last updated: 05/14/2012 04:02:44 AM

If this old fiddle could talk,
if this old fiddle could sing,
man if this old fiddle could only talk
it could tell you some wondrous things.

Talk to me fiddle, tell me how you came across the sea.
In the hands of a Jewish immigrant who was longing to be free.
You were part of his life for 40 years through times both lean and fat,
as he raised his family and lived out his days in a New York tenement flat.
Talk to me, fiddle.

Talk to me, fiddle,
tell me about that Cajun fiddlin' man.
Who found you in a pawn shop
and took you down to the Louisiana Bayou Land.
You knew his wife, knew his kids
and watched his family grow;
and played your heart out Cajun style at the Louisiana Fais Do Do.

Then a big shot Yankee gambler found you down in New Orleans
and took you up the river on the Mississippi Queen.
Then there came the day that you were all that he had left to loose,
and a black man won you in a poker game and taught you how to play the blues.
Talk to me, fiddle.

Then a young man from the mountains of Kentucky came along,
and he bought you for a dollar and took you all the way back home.
He gave you to his grandpa on his golden wedding day,
and the people would come from miles around just to hear the old man play.
Talk to me, fiddle!

Then a hobo from Boluxi found you lying in the rain,
and he got himself a free ride on a West-bound cattle train.
And then you got off in Texas where they play that Western swing
where the people do the two-step, and old Bob Wills was the King!
Talk to me, fiddle! Aaaaaawwwwwhhhhhaaaaawwwww!

Man, if this old fiddle could talk,
if this old fiddle could sing.
If this old fiddle could only talk,
it could tell you some wondrous things.
You've been bouncing around America,
from sea to shining sea.
Now your travelling days are over fiddle,
'cause you belong to me!

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