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Poison Talk Dirty to Me Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2012 12:07:24 PM

You know I never
I never seen you look so good
You never act the way you should
But I like it
And I know you like it too
The way that I want you
I gotta have you
Oh yes, I do

You know I never
I never ever stay out late
You know that I can hardly wait
Just to see you
And I know you cannot wait
Wait to see me too
I gotta touch you

Cause baby we'll be
At the drive-in
In the old man's Ford
behind the bushes
until I'm screamin' for more
Down the basement
lock the cellar door
And baby
Talk dirty to me

You know I call you
I call you on the telephone
Im only hoping that youre home
So I can hear you
When you say those words to me
And whisper so softly
I gotta hear you


C.C. pick up that guitar and talk to me


Cause baby we'll be


And babe, Talk dirty to me x2



Im Slaying a t you baby

Oh Yeah

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i LOVE this song!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 8/19/12

probably my favorite song by poison if i had to choose.don't know if my mom would like me listening to this beacause i am 12 in a couple days and i know she wouldn't let me show the video to my 6year old other sister probably wouuld say its wrong or innapropriate and half like it.heard it on the radio few days ago.hopin for unskinny bop cause i listen o it on guitar hero bbut wiis six year old sister loves nothin but a good time and she says she LOVES poison but she hasnt heard many songs by them and is still really little.

Great. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

Seriously Guys, Well Done!
Its So God Damn Catchy.