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The Fall Taking Off Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

Bonjela complexion,
Taking off.

Stress at four is forbid,
Silence 6pm
Bonjela completion.

To servant
To servant to stress
Taking off.

Too stressed
To ???? to chef
Ersatz! Ersatz!

Invest, toupee!

????? tidying, tied in!

and your cameras

By skip...s.

Take off.

Grating ????
In a furrow
Lack of paper

Take off.

You never told me, Simon
About the forty carat scum
In Newquay train station
Taking off at weekends

Digest, in jest
Taking, success
Source, to chef
Digress, ingest,

Take off

In success, respect
Digress, before
Eon, take off
Strop, take off.