Taking Back Sunday Lyrics

Adam Lazzara –Lead Vocals
Matt Fazzi –Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Reyes –Guitar
Mark O’Connell – Drums
Matt Rubano – Bass, Vocals

New Again – For Taking Back Sunday it’s more than an album
title, it’s a declaration. “We kicked around a bunch of
different titles, but that one always remained the top of
the list, and that’s because it really does feel like a new
band,” vocalist Adam Lazzara says.

Taking Back Sunday is not turning their collective back on
what is already a storied past, not when their resume
boasts three gold albums, two of which hit the top five
(including More...

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Review about Taking Back Sunday songs
Maybe He's Crazy | Reviewer: Friends With Bacon
    ------ About the song Make Damn Sure performed by Taking Back Sunday

It almost sounds like this could be told from the point of view of someone who's been friend zoned by one of the cool kids. Maybe he tries so hard but he just doesn't get it. He's still awkward and doesn't fit in. He can't hang and doesn't understand the way she talks, but because he's so smitten he still does what he can to be of use to her. Down towards the end it almost sounds like he goes a little nuts. "make damn sure you can't ever leave, you'll never get too far from me," sure sounds like he's plotting to kill her and bury the body under his floor. Or maybe he plans to get her addicted to hero in, that would work too. Another, less likely, scenario is he plans to keep her around by putting a ring on her, but that doesn't really work in this context. Just my interpretation. Powerful song either way, and I even like the video.

Lyric Interpretation | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Make Damn Sure performed by Taking Back Sunday

I have been listening to this genre for seven years now. After memorizing these lyrics and watching the video only a hundred times, I found the meaning. It's a man who is obviously battling an addiction and depression and he has a female friend whom he has a painfully platonic relationship with. He doesn't depict whether or not this platonic relationship is with a female which he makes a point with by stating he is inferior to people in general. Apparently he can't handle the fact the he's not "good enough" for "her" and he's frustrated. The term to break someone down is to reveal their inner truths which he wants to do to "her" out of spite. This whole song is made to whatever frustrations he has with inferiority and it is merely out of spite.

Never heard this one | Reviewer: anon
    ------ About the song The Ballad Of Sal Villanueva performed by Taking Back Sunday

I been listening to this band since 2004 and i never heard this song before. Man, this band is great, seriously and anthem of my youth. Can't say the new stuff is as good, but this album is timeless.

11/24/2012 | Reviewer: Thomas
    ------ About the song I'm Not Gay (I Just Wish I Were) and/or Baby, Your Beard Hurts performed by Taking Back Sunday

This is honestly one of my most listened to TBS songs, I have a live version on my phone. As for what this song is about: From what I can make out, this song has a meaning Similar to 'The Ballad Of Sal Villianueva'. Starting off, it sounds like the girl is using the guy for sex. "You Reach, reach for my Shotgun" "Something Like a
Movies porn" This chorus is basically saying I made it out of this relationship, because this wasn't even a relationship. Then I think, later in the song, the guy starts using her for sex. "I'm running circles in this town" "Im a crash corse in desperation". In the end, they both just decide, there is no point In this relation ship because "it's only this". Now note: No one knows exactly what this song mean, that is just what Im assuming. I wish they did a studio version of this song, this song was only ever played live. Sometime in 2010, all the lyrics were changed, Which the original ones were better. Hope they record this in a studio!!

Fml | Reviewer: Fml
    ------ About the song Cute Without The 'E' (Cut From The Team) performed by Taking Back Sunday

you lied to me..you ruined my life. this is the worst day ever because of YOU. I can't stop crying. why did you break up with me? why did you lie to me? why!!!! I know you well enough to know you never loved me.

"nice message"? | Reviewer: Love it but..
    ------ About the song Spin performed by Taking Back Sunday

I fail to see how everybody seems to think that there is any kind of positive message in this song. Unless i'm interpreting it wrong, it's a song about his partner becoming heavily depressed after aborting his child, and in response he lies and cheats her which she takes lying down, then she leaves, comes back out of love, and he won't have her? I've seen tbs many times live, love them to bits, but this song shows how much or a pig he really is. Please someone disagree with me?

Ummmm | Reviewer: AnonymousBrandNewLover
    ------ About the song There's No "I" In Team performed by Taking Back Sunday

I'm not sure if it's true that he cheated. Neither artist likes to talk about this situation, and a lot of Your Favorite Weapon is about a break-up, and it seems to be about something different than infidelity.

<3luff. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You're So Last Summer performed by Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday was my life in grade 7. <3
Their songs helped me through alot.
& Meant a lot. Haven't heard them in years now.
In 12th grade as of 2011-2012. :P
Yet these songs bring back so many memories.. <3
"Maybe I should hate you for this.."

message | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Spin performed by Taking Back Sunday

i'm confused that on a lyrics site, people are concerned about the technique and not the message they are trying to convey. this is pretty obviously an angry song and so they abandon good technique as a manner of expressing the reckless abandon that you get when you're in a fight with someone (i.e. you don't always place together your words right, you yell, etc.) look at cute without the e, miami, new american classic, slowdance on the inside and you're so last summer and tell me that adam doesn't have a good voice...

Really? no ones gotten this? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Blue Heaven performed by Taking Back Sunday

The interpretation of this one seems pretty obvious to me-- I blame no one having nailed it to the misspelling of one word: It's not "Adulteress", as in referring to a woman, but "adulterous" as in referring to the act of cheating.

Basically you have two people, "twisting and colliding" into each other in their torrid relationship. It's an out-of-control "spin cycle" because of the "adulterous condition" of it. ie. She's married or with someone else but cheating with him. They're having an affair.

"It's all to familiar" and "happens all the time" because cheating is the oldest sin in the book and is nothing new. But when you put it all together, when the "cards begin to stack up" it causes heartache.

Their relationship can never be what they wanted. And despite all the pieces "that avoid an awful crime" he can't deny her. They know its wrong but can't stay away from each other.

The "dull heat" rising from the sheets refers to him laying in bed alone after one of their trysts. He's a "patient boy" waiting for her to come back but "a jealous man" because he knows she's with her boyfriend/husband. Which is why its "double standardized"-- he IS the other man so has no excuse for being jealous, but is anyway. He knows its hypocritical.

The rest of the song is just more of him questioning and grappling with something that is so wrong but makes him feel so "safe" when he's with her.

This song is truly heart breaking and probably rings true to anyone who knows what its like to be in love with someone in an "adulterous condition"

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