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Lil' B Takeover Lyrics

Last updated: 02/04/2013 06:01:38 AM

I’ma show you wayne gretski
Hunned grand show so you never disrespect me
A nigga fuck around I’ma show you who the bitch be
Bitch I’m based god I don’t need you to accept me
You’re not from the streets bitch I saw you even check me
Then I came back, then them niggas started to respect me
I’m a young cool bitch and them suckers really
I’m really bout that life, in a fucking oakland…
Fuck that, they can’t fuck with me
Product of the block, I was raised down on 6th street
Hater ass niggas hate on me but they love me
I don’t give a fuck, I’m thugged out, bitches keep playing
You feel me?
I’m the based god, last time I heard
I was the man around that fucking god
I don’t give a fuck, I still got the world
Fucking with the mac, I’ma take you to that world
Pink flame mixtape, I don’t know if the world ready
It’s time to take over the world.