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The Parlor Mob Take What's Mine Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2012 12:55:01 PM

Let us sing of mother nature
And of the fire on the hill
Another arrow through the ages
Let it bend beyond their will
And to the vultures who employ us
Let their evils be in vain
And let the wolves that would destroy us
Live forever in the rain

If we can't change something
We're not going to survive
there's the war in our hearts
and the war outside
And I'm not going to give up
I'm going to take what's mine
Feel a fire coming on
It's just a matter of time

When freedom's just a phrase
Cause the ends don't ever meet
We got to break the ties that bind us
And these shackles on our feet
Through the seeds of our misfortune
And our characters of pain
Let the wolves that would destroy us live
Forever in the rain
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