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Crank the music up.

Bring that shit in! Uggh!

Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry
Now check this out...uggh!

In the right light, study becomes insight
But the system that dissed us
Teaches us to read and write

So called facts are fraud
They want us to allege and pledge
And bow down to their God
Lost the culture, the culture lost
Spun our minds and through time
Ignorance has taken over
Yo, we gotta take the power back!
Bam! Here's the plan
Motherfuck Uncle Sam
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Step back, I know who I am
Raise up your ear, I'll drop the style and clear
It's the beats and the lyrics they fear
The rage is relentless
We need a movement with a quickness
You are the witness of change
And to counteract
We gotta take the power back

Yeah, we gotta take the power back
Come on, come on!
We gotta take the power back

The present curriculum
I put my fist in 'em
Eurocentric every last one of 'em
See right through the red, white and blue disguise
With lecture I puncture the structure of lies
Installed in our minds and attempting
To hold us back
We've got to take it back
Holes in our spirit causin' tears and fears
One-sided stories for years and years and years
I'm inferior? Whose inferior?
Yeah, we need to check the interior
Of the system, who cares about only one culture
And that is why
We gotta take the power back

Yeah, we gotta take the power back
Come on, come on!
We gotta take the power back

Hey yo check, we're gonna have to break it, break it,
break it down
Awww shit!


And like this...uggh!

Come on, yeah! Bring it back the other way!

The teacher stands in front of the class
But the lesson plan he can't recall
The student's eyes don't perceive the lies
Bouncing off every fucking wall
His composure is well kept
I guess he fears playing the fool
The complacent students sit and listen to some of that
Bullshit that he learned in school

Europe ain't my rope to swing on
Can't learn a thing from it
Yet we hang from it
Gotta get it, gotta get it together then
Like the motherfuckin' weathermen
To expose and close the doors on those who try
To strangle and mangle the truth
'Cause the circle of hatred continues unless we react
We gotta take the power back

Yeah, we gotta take the power back
Come on, come on!
We gotta take the power back

No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies
No more lies



Take it back y'all
Take it back, a-take it back
A-take it back y'all, come on!
Take it back y'all
Take it back, a-take it back
A-take it back y'all, come on!



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humble opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/13

It is so easy to judge what is not really known. I do believe we must use our freedoms before we lose them. Most people talk so much trash about the country without really doing anything about it. If you want to rant and rave about how bad it is please change it as I plan to. I am an American Soldier. I am a warrior and a member of a team. I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values. I will always place the mission first. I will never quit. I will never accept defeat. I will never leave a fallen comrade. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself. I am an expert and I am a professional. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat. I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life. I am an American soldier. for those that say you hate the flag so much, you tell me you hate me too. Zac De La Rocha is a very inspirational person to me and actually did something with his life, music, and influence to better the lives of others. Will you so crassly judge and not take action? You sleep in the bed you make, as a country that means all of us together. So learn, take action, and take the power back.

no, they're NOT kidding | Reviewer: noheadupmyass | 8/10/12

the existence of people like DENNY are how people like hitler and stalin come to power... brainwashed automatons, toeing the patriot line, blind to what's going on right under their noses, just spouting off the patriotic rhetoric, the same old tired cliches designed to keep people from THINKING and instead spouting off crap like "a lot of guys died for your freedom." f u, jackass - the US hasn't fought a war for our freedom since the 18th century... keep spinning your brainwashing, clownf-k, while the military/industrial complex keeps getting richer and richer off your IGNORANCE while you get poorer and poorer...

Hell yeah! Vox Populi!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/12

Never really knew what rage against the machine was about until today. It's amazing to me that bands like this exist and risks their own freedom by spreading the word. This movement is coming like a bullet to the fucking brain. @denny. Shut the hell up you ignorant piece. People like you are the reason why Americans look so bad. There's nothing to be proud of when it comes to this country. Our government is the bullies of the world. People like you need to pull your patriotic head out of your ass.

Are you kidding? | Reviewer: Denny | 3/10/12

You live in America that grants you the freedom of speech, so use it, that's fine. However, don't say that you will not pledge to America or the flag. Many men have fought and given their lives to allow those of us who are lucky enough to live here the freedom to be able to speak against the government. If you do not like and enjoy your freedom here, please do not speak or act out against this great country, LEAVE and go back to Mexico or whereever you people come from. Better you leave America since you have it SO hard here, please...most of you have no idea what you are even rambling on about. You want to make a difference, then work to change the education you think is wrong. Do not just sit and write crap about America and the flag not meaning shit to you...make a real difference to help make a America better, here is the secret...LEAVE!

Take the fuckin power back!! | Reviewer: ILLchango | 3/8/12

The way I understood it was that theres more to everything than just one side. Why should Kids be force fed lies from books and teachers that have no fucking business being up in class if they do t know shot about what they're teaching. It's a case of the blind leading the blind. I've personally dealt with this situation. I'm of Mexican descent and I refuse to look up to rascist dead presidents and pledge allegiance to a fucking flag that means jack shit to me.

Great Lyric | Reviewer: Doug | 4/1/11

In reaction to the previous post - You are not supposed to take an objective look at things with this type of music. You are supposed to be motivated and pissed. You don't listen to Rage to get enlightened.... you listen to Rage to get motivated. Like the right wingers watch Beck to get their blood up... we listen to Rage to get our ounce of rightous indignation and maybe get off our ass and do something about it. It's not a two sided point of view. It's more a sound track to revolution.

Rage against the machine, multi million dollar record company...see any hypocracy there? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

I guess I can appreciate the spirit of what these guys are trying to do sometime, but when you think about it, they're just another popular band telling people what they want to hear in order to make money. If they really wanted to rage against the machine why don't they go independant...and why don't they attempt a slightly educated critique of the system? Euro-centric? Can't learn a thing from Europe? And just before in the first verse he attacks "Uncle Sam." He accuses the school systems of enforcing religion, yet they do exactly the opposite!!! The contradictions in this song are ridiculous. There are definitely better writers out there.

Shammers | Reviewer: Your Name | 8/10/09

That song is one of RATM's best song. Those lyrics are a masterpiece (the rest of the song as well). But everyone who praises that kind of lyrics and who says "it's exactly what i wanna say"...Everyone of those people saying such shit without doing anything at all against the problem in that or in other song's lyrics are shammers. Sorry for that..but it's true. You are talking about third world and whatever..but have you ever seen a starving person in Africa die? If so, you wouldn't only talk but also act. Who has been to a refugee camp in Darfur, Sudan (for example) is qualified to make statements about those kind of topics. So I do. Please don't only tell your "conviction" and feel better after it..please help all poor and rightless and in many eyes worthless people in several parts of the world. Act. Don't ignore.

Exactly | Reviewer: Jack Rockawesome | 11/10/07

This song is exactly what I've been trying to say.
Schools these days, (and I should know, I go to one) only teach us that although all colors are equal, lineages and cultures aren't. We just glimpse at the third world, dismiss asia, and forget about Africa.
Sure, religion is OK, as long as you're either Christian.
I go to a catholic high school in Canada, supposedly the milder version of USA, but we obviously glance at the third world with a little disgust. The haves have always laughed, killed and raped the have-nots. We take their land and support sweat shops on their land and start drilling for oil.
Lots of people hate the war in Iraq, but nobody hates the schools that breed republican brand contempt.
All I can say is class is in.

Great lyrics. | Reviewer: Daniel | 3/21/07

This song has really good lyrics that might actually make you think (but will also insult your intelligence at the same time). This album is really, really good, bombtrack, killing in the name, wake up, know your enemy and this awesome piece, take the power back are the highlights.

cool | Reviewer: john | 2/9/07

its so fucking cool i want the albem

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