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Take That is known to the teens of the 90s as one of the
original boy bands, and it was after them that the
phenomenon of boy bands followed. Formed in 1990, the
beginning was not a successful one. The highest entry out
of the first three singles they released was number 87 in
the charts. However, their luck changed after they released
the hit single 'It Only Takes A Minute', which went to
number one. Since then, the band began to climb he ladder
of fame and success with their albums and their singles,
and became a pop success in More...

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Review about Take That songs
Deth | Reviewer: Nevaeh Skye perez
    ------ About the song A Million Love Songs performed by Take That

When it's cold I feel so lost I feel crost .My mind died with my heart.It hurts so bad.I have to fight the pain so bad.I'am died i lost life .I am beautiful no matter what.Moon or sun it's the way life is.

Facebook Is To Blame | Reviewer: Richard
    ------ About the song Reach Out performed by Take That

Facebook & all that's in between is not real, because there is no emotion and feeling, a huge majority of gay men cant reach out at all, because they constantly batter technology and think "I have a boyfriend" or "I've got new friends" but they don't.

They really do need to know the difference between real and what's not real. This song is appropriate because we all need to reach out and get to know people for who they really are.

There's a line in the song "words could only bridge the doubt" and its like with Neil Bennett a friend of mine, we met on-line but never physically met, he needs to give me benefit of the doubt and get to know me properly and same vice versa.

amazing | Reviewer: toniedoll
    ------ About the song Patience performed by Take That

this song is amazing..i can so relate to it right now....i have always been a fan of take that..for some reason i thought they wouldnt make a great track since robbie left but they surpassed my expectations...its 2012 and im still in love with this song..we want more guys

I will Hold On | Reviewer: angie Solomon
    ------ About the song Hold On performed by Take That

This is such a poignant song the lrics are so apparent to my circumstance at the moment. The best song Take That have done they keep getting stronger and mature in their music and I will Hold On and I know this song will help me through.

Reach out and touch within yourself | Reviewer: Irene Tan
    ------ About the song Reach Out performed by Take That

A song that I will want to dedicate to all I care and others I have yet to encounter. Let this song touch your heart and dare to reach out! "Reach Out" is indeed a great song with powerful lyrics that reflects the kind of dilemma we have in wanting to be close and yet being afraid to be betrayed.

Great text... | Reviewer: Mel
    ------ About the song Reach Out performed by Take That

I listened to this song so many times without recognize the lyrics in it. Currently I´ve heard it while reading the lyrics and I love it even more than bevore. I liked the sound, the groove, hum it the whole day... But now I realized the first time what it is about. Great... absolutely great. I love it!

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Day After Tomorrow performed by Take That

The Day After Tomorrow es una canción simplemente genial, que nunca llegó a ser conocida fuera del fenómeno fan de Take That.
Y es una pena, porque en ella Mark Owen empieza a despuntar como solista, demostrando un gran sentimiento al interpretar temas como este...

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rule The World performed by Take That

I love this song, everytime I listen to it, it makes me smile.
I first heard it on 'Stardust', which I went to see with someone really special to me. This is our song I guess >.<

It's not much like their old stuff is it XD LOL

i luv this song | Reviewer: sophie
    ------ About the song I'd Wait For Life performed by Take That

i absolutley luv this song this is the best song ever take that have made a massive hit with this great song n i think they have done really well! go take that x x

TT lover | Reviewer: Jess TT lover
    ------ About the song Hold On performed by Take That

omg this song is amazin you have to go quiet for the line "makin love can be so crazy" just to hear mark say it. its even more impessive live though it's like the world stops and were the only 2 ppl in the room wow <3 song no1 for sure

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