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Jamestown Story Take Me Home Tonight Lyrics

Last updated: 06/10/2012 11:00:00 AM

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I feel a hunger
It's a hunger that tries to keep a man awake at night.
Are you the answer?
I shouldn't wonder when I feel you whet my appetite
With all the power you're releasing
It isn't safe to walk the city streets a
Anticipation is running through me
Let's find the key and turn this engine on.

I can feel you breathe
I can feel your heartbeat faster

Take me home tonight!
I don't want to let you go till you see the light!
Take me home tonight!
Listen honey
Just like Breanne said, "Be my little baby"

I get frightened in all this darkness
I get nightmares
I hate to sleep alone
I need some company
A guardian angel to keep me warm when the cold winds blow!

I can feel you breathe
I can feel your heartbeat faster. . . .
Be my little baby!

Just like Breanne said

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