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BarlowGirl Take Me Away Lyrics

Last updated: 10/11/2005 12:00:00 PM

Pushing my way through these crowded streets
Trying not to be swept away
Fighting just to keep this crowd from hiding you another day
So maybe, this time I'll find you
Maybe, this time I'll push through
To see you today, today

Wont you take me away, Wont you take me away
Cuz I need some time to get away,
Where only you could ever...Take me away,away,away

Too many days I've been distracted
Watch these crowds push you away
I'm so tired of feeling empty
Without you, I waste these days
So maybe, this time I'll find you
Just dont stop calling me to you
I'll find my way today


Maybe this time I'll find you yeah
Find you today, today

Thanks to Elyse for submitting Take Me Away Lyrics.