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O'Ryan Take It Slow Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2012 10:00:00 AM

[Verse One:]
I'm in my ride at the corner by the light
Bout to pull up in front of your door
So make sure that your body's lookin' right
Let me know what I came out here for
You could be wifey material
Baby I'm not mad at you
Girl you get me high
See, I've been jonesin'
Got a crush on you
Not tryin to put a rush on you
We can let it ride

We can take it slow, slow (Take it slow babe)
Anything you want
Whatever's on your mind tonight (Whatever's on your mind tonight)
Baby girl come on, come on
Where you wanna go (oh yeah)
We can take a ride tonight (We can take a ride, anywhere)
Anything you want, one
Let me put you on (Let me put you on)
Gotta make you mine tonight (And make you mine)
We can take it slow, slow (Take it slow babe)
Or anything you want
Whatever's on your mind tonight

[Verse 2:]
So think about it yeah
If you like how I move
Tell me what I should do
To get you in the mood
And how you like it baby?
From the front (oOh)
To the back (oOh)
Can't argue with that (Yeah)
Girl, anything
Oh I
Want you to bring it to me tonight babe
I dont think you heard me
I, I want you to bring it to me tonight babe
Girl we can...


Tell me
I want to work that body
Till you wanna stop me (Till you tell me to stop baby)
All night
And I gaurantee that you'll be satisfied (Satisfied)
Let me do freaky things to you (Freaky things to your body)
Just don't be scared of me babe (No, no)
You can have anything you want (You can have it all)
Cuz it's your world (Take it slow baby)

[Chorus x2]

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Vetting for sex mate. | Reviewer: Benneath friday{chinkuz raffish} | 1/14/12

Baby girl come on{come on}where you wanna go...whatever's in your mind{whatever's in mind tonight}yeah i gaurantee to give you every things that your's body is missin tonight...main this song is shit hot,is a emotional song i can recall,there's the day i was playin this song, one babe came around once she heard the song, she can't control her sentiment again instantly she fell in love with me, on that moment we but made love on the floor.

think about me | Reviewer: baby gurl shawn | 5/16/07

think be 4 u take it slow cause i dont want to take it slow but my baby shawn is so sexy hes deserves me so we take it fast