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What Feeds The Fire Take It Back Lyrics

Last updated: 03/13/2006 12:00:00 PM

One's mind drifts away, it gets away from itself. Now it's time to reflect on how you left your mind to melt. Thoughts are at a standstill, you give in to desire. Outsides covered in disguise, while your insides set a fire. Take it back! Have you had enough, man, are you through...or is it too late for you? Why do you sit around and let it slip through the cracks? End your restrictions and start taking it back. Take your mind back, and be free. Your addictions cast away. Your heads held up high. Travelling down the right road. Substance abuse no longer has the control. Stay true and stay proud. Fuck your past, now it's gone. What remains? A bad memory, but now you're standing strong...BE